New Matcha White Chocolate Popcorn From Brand Garrett

01.April.2018 | FOOD

Japan Frito-Lay, Ltd. who produce Garrett Popcorn Shops popcorn, a brand that originates from Chicago, US, released a new matcha and white chocolate flavour popcorn on March 30th, 2018.

ポップコーン・ブランド「ギャレット」新フレーバー「抹茶 ホワイトチョコ」

To make their popular Matcha Caramel Crisp™ popcorn even more flavourful, they have  mixed Caramel Crisp™ with generous amounts of white chocolate, creating a blend of bitter matcha and richly sweet white chocolate that complement one another on your taste buds. Matcha White Chocolate allows you to enjoy both Japanese and Western flavours at once.


Spring is here, so people are starting to step outside more. Why not head out and get your hands on this new popcorn flavour to snack on?



Matcha White Chocolate

Running: March 30, 2018 ― April 26, 2018

Available: Garrett Popcorn Shops® stores across Japan

Price: Small ¥550, Medium ¥870, Large ¥1,300, Jumbo ¥2,500

QT ¥1,650, Easter ¥1,780, 1G ¥4,000, 2G ¥7,200

*There are limited supplies each day. Once all have been sold, sales will cease.

*Easter version is limited edition.

*Jumbo and 2G versions available at Shisui Premium Outlet and LaLaport EXPOCITY branches only.