Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly Organic Café Premarché Pizzeria & Alternative Junk™ to Open in Kitayama, Kyoto

30.March.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

Premarché Pizzeria & Alternative Junk™ is a new vegan and vegetarian café located in Kyoto’s fashion area of Kitayama that is currently holding a pre-opening.


The café is a sister establishment of Italian gelato shop Premarché Gelateria in Nakagyō-ku, Kyoto. There, they serve over 20 varieties of vegan, non-milk gelato. Recipes are made with traditional milk, eggs and other ingredients and use no emulsifiers. They placed 2nd in the International Gelato Contest and are ranked 1st in the ‘Sweets’ category on TripAdvisor for Kyoto. It maintains a famous reputation both in and out of Japan.

ヴィーガン・ベジタリアン対応のオーガニックカフェ「プレマルシェ・ピッツェリア&オルタナティブ・ジャンク(TM)」京都・北山にプレオープン ピザ

Premarché Pizzeria & Alternative Junk™ also sells the gelato, as well as fast food such as burgers and pizzas, all of which can be enjoyed by vegans.

ヴィーガン・ベジタリアン対応のオーガニックカフェ「プレマルシェ・ピッツェリア&オルタナティブ・ジャンク(TM)」京都・北山にプレオープン ジェラート

The shop is currently developing a dinner menu. For the meantime, they just have a lunch menu and serve organic drinks and Italian gelato. Once the dinner menu is complete, the shop will open officially.


Premarché Pizzeria & Alternative Junk™ is Kyoto’s new organic restaurant. Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian or want to eat healthy, you should definitely pop in.



Premarché Pizzeria & Alternative Junk™
Address: North Wave Kitayama 1F, 77 Kamigamo Sakuraicho, Kita-ku, Kyoto