Gathering of Japanese spring desserts! “All-Japan Confectionary Event” will be held in Nihonbashi

02.April.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

 “Zenkoku Meika Ten (All Japan Confectionary Event)” will mark its 72th anniversary this year. The event is held every year to introduce exciting Japanese desserts. At this event, you can enjoy the “matching”of coffee, alcohol and Japanese desserts and there will be a“red bean-jam comparing event”which will be held by 14 dessert brands in Japan.



 Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Honten limited

<Toraya> Eto Namagashi (zodiac animal symbol raw desserts)

Available period: rat, cow, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake – 04/04(Wed.) to 06 (Fri.)

Horse, sheep, turtle, chicken, dog, boar – 04/07 (Sat.) to 09 (Mon.)

※Please note that the number of each item is limited



Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Honten Limited

<Koshinoyuki Honpo Yamatoya” Oishi Oekaki (nomogram) eight pieces – 1,728 yen (100 pieces limited)



Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Honten limited

<Kameya> Yahhoi! 3 pieces – 864 yen (15 pieces limited per day)



Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Honten limited

<Eitaro Sohonpo> Mochi Dora Ice – 1 piece 432 yen



4shu no Anko (red bean-jam) Tabekurabe (compare) Set – for one person 540 yen

Participating brands: Eitaro Sohonpo, Osakaya, Kashiwaya, Kamakura Toshimaya, Kameya, Koshinoyuki Honpo Yamatoya, Shogoin Yatsuhashi Honten, Seigetsudo Honten, Toraya, Heiando Umetsubo, Heiji Senbei Honten, Honke Kikuya, Muraoka Sohonpo, Wakasaimo Honpo Kansendo

※Please note that the number of items is limited.



Why not visit Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi and enjoy some Japanese spring desserts!




The 72nd Zenkoku Meikaten

Period: 04/04 (Wed.) to 09 (Mon.) last day – until 18:00

Address: Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Honten Main Building 7F, Event Space, 1st Street, 4-1, Muromachi, Nihonbashi, Chuoku, Tokyo

Business hours: 10:30 to 19:30 (the restaurants in the new building (9F and 10F) – 11:00 to 22:00)

<The business hours will be changed from April>

Business hours: 10:00 to 19:00

Main building / new building’s garden levels and duty free counter – 10:00 to 19:30

New building’s restaurants (9F and 10F):11:00 to 22:00

Fixed holiday: no holiday

Access: 1 minute on foot from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line / Hanzomon Line / Mitsukoshi Station

5 minutes on foot from Tozai Line Nihonbashi Station (C1 exit)

5 minutes on foot from Toei Chikatetsu Asakusa Line Nihonbashi Station

7 minutes on foot from Shin Nihonbashi Station

10 minutes on foot from Tokyo Station (Nihonbashi Entrance/Exit)

Free bus service available from the bus stop building of Bus Metro Link Nihonbashi Tokyo Station Yaesuguchi





Outline of Events

・Japanese dessert-making class: 04/06 (Fri.), 07 (Sat.), 08 (Sun.) ※reservation must be made (reservations will be accepted from the 5th)

・Japanese dessert seminar/talk show

・Manju/dessert offering event: 04/07 (Sat.) 12:30~ ※numbered ticket will be handed out.

・Naruhodo! The Wagashi Quiz Rally

※The contents and the dates of the events might be changed. Please refer to the URL noted above RE detailed information.