BAND-MAID Change Their Name to “BAND-MAIKO” for April Fool’s Day

04.April.2018 | MUSIC

BAND-MAID announced that they were changing their band name to BAND-MAIKO on April Fool’s Day, taking fans by surprise. They also officially released a music video and worldwide distribution of a song called secret MAIKO lips together with the news.


BAND-MAID are known for their unprecedented combination of the maid style and rock genre with which they have shaken the world. But on April 1st, they played along with the cultural celebration of April Fool’s by announcing a complete change of character.

But the explosive news didn’t stop there, as BAND-MAIKO released a music video for their first single secret MAIKO lips as well as distributed it worldwide on iTunes. The song is a traditional Japanese style arrangement of BAND-MAID’s secret My lips. They went all out everything ― even the lyrics were changed into the Kyoto dialect, offering the world of maiko in its truest sense.


BAND-MAIKO – “secret MAIKO lips” Music Video


Each member also changed their individual names: Miku Kobato→Hatoko / Saiki→Fujiki / KANAMI→Kanoemi / MISA→Umemisa / AKANE→Akatsuki.


BAND-MAID are just too much fun, they never stop giving. Check out their ‘new’ music video!



BAND-MAIKO – “secret MAIKO lips” iTunes
Available: Japan and 111 countries across the globe including Europe & US
*Also streaming on Spotify and elsewhere.



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