LiSA Releases Special Website for Greatest Hits Album & Music Video Featuring Every Track

21.April.2018 | MUSIC

LiSA will release two greatest hits albums simultaneously on May 9 titled LiSA BEST -Day- and LiSA BEST -Way-.


As fans sit restless awaiting this huge release, a special website has been made public to promote the albums.


On April 20, which also happens to be the commemorative day on which LiSA made her debut, her friends who are also artists, as well as prominent figures have provided celebratory comments for the J-pop/rock singer. Not only can you read those messages yourself, you can also send LiSA your own congratulations message on the fan page!


In addition, a teaser video for the albums was released, which includes chorus snippets of every track featured on the records.


*Video may not be available in certain countries.


There are two anime theme songs and 2 game theme songs across the two titles as well as some others for a total of 28 tracks. There’s plenty of music to be enjoyed on these meaty albums, so make sure you check out the video.


A full size music video for Thrill, Risk, Heartless was also released. The song was released digitally this year on January 9 and is compiled on a CD for the first time on the greatest hits album. The short version of the music video drew much attention as the part where it cuts off was shrouded in mystery.



The singles and album songs featured on both albums all made it into the Top 10 of Oricon’s Daily CD Single Ranking, making the albums masterpiece compilations of anime songs that defined 2010 onwards.


LiSA will head on an Asia tour this summer which also includes two days at the Nippon Budokan and two days at Osaka-jō Hall. Get you hands on these albums, eat them up and get ready for some unforgettable live shows!



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