5 Recommended Shaved Ice Flavours from Hoshino Resorts KAI in Japan

28.April.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

KAI is a hot spring inn service managed by Hoshino Resorts. The company have announced that they will introduce delicious shaved ice to all of its establishments for the hot summer. There’s much variety in the line-up including shaved ice doused in syrup made with regionally produced apples, tomatoes and other fruits, as well as tea, sweet sake, wine and more. Definitely consider trying the shaved ice at KAI this summer as you can’t get it anywhere else.
Let’s take a look at some of the recommended items on the list!
界 伊東(静岡・伊東温泉) 花の香り漂うかき氷
KAI Ito (Ito Hot Springs, Shizuoka) – Floral Shaved Ice
Ito has a hot climate and is a region where you can enjoy many different flowers throughout the seasons in the year. For summer at KAI Ito, they are serving shaved ice blended with elderflower and herbs picked in Ito. The instant you spoon some of this fluffy shaved ice into your mouth the sweet and exquisite fragrance of nectar fills your mouth, together with an aftertaste brought about by a mix of mint herbs. This one’s sure to refresh you in the hot summer heat.
 界 熱海(静岡・伊豆山温泉) 梅蜜塩かき氷
KAI Atami (Izusan Hot Spring, Shizuoka) – Ume Nectar & Salt Shaved Ice
Atami is well known as a place where you can enjoy the early bloom of ume in Japan. This shaved ice incorporates Atami’s ume culture by being served with a sweet and soru mix of ume jam and syrup. This style of shaved ice is eaten with salt and captures the image of the unfolding sea that lays before your eyes at the inn. The salt used comes from Heda. It’s a soft, full-bodied salted flavour with a tang of sweetness inside.
 界 松本(長野・浅間温泉) ワインかき氷
KAI Matsumoto (Asama Onsen, Nagano) – Wine Shaved Ice
This shaved ice contains wine and is the perfect cool-down antidote once you’re done bathing in the hot springs at KAI Matsumoto. The original syrup is made with a Concord variety of wine from Nagano Prefecture. The alcohol content is mild, so those who are no good with alcohol can enjoy this wine. This one’s for the adults, so how about some refreshing shaved ice with wine after your hot dip in the onsen?
*Minors will be served Nagano Purple grape syrup.
 界 アンジン(静岡・伊東温泉) 紅茶のかき氷
KAI Anjin (Ito Hot Springs, Shizuoka) – Black Tea Shaved Ice
KAI Anjin have put black tea shaved ice on the menu. The name of the establishment comes from William Adams, known as Miura Anjin in Japan, an English navigator. Keeping in line with the theme, the shaved ice is a specially made syrup that uses black tea, a staple beverage in the UK. There are two flavours to choose from: milk tea and lemon tea, both of which have a strong tea flavour and wonderful sweetness. Enjoy the cool ocean breeze together with your black tea shaved ice on the top floor sun deck while gazing at the rolling sea.
界 鬼怒川(栃木・鬼怒川温泉) 藍いちごのかき氷
KAI Kinugawa (Kinugawa Onsen, Tochigi) – Blueberry Shaved Ice
Over at KAI Kinugawa, they are serving shaved ice made with blueberries picked in Tochigi Prefecture. The special shaved ice syrup was produced specially for KAI by Aguri Koubou, who produce jam made with local ingredients, amongst other things. The interior of the building is dyed in the same indigo colour as the blurberries, and you eat the blueberry shaved ice with indigo coloured utensils. You’re sure to cool off from the hot summer weather with this one!
And there’s plenty more where that came from! Look nowhere else for your shaved ice this summer buy Hoshino Resorts KAI.

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