Distribution of Kanzaki Elza’s new single “step, step” has started!

01.May.2018 | MUSIC

Kanzaki Elza is an artist who’s name often appears in the TV animation, “Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online” which is gaining much popularity these days.

She is depicted as a popular, mysterious artist in the world of “Gun Gale Online.”



Her song, “Pilgrim” was played for the first time in the second episode which was broadcasted on the 14th of April (midnight – Sat.). Distribution of the song also started in sync with the broadcast.

And in the episode broadcasted on the 28th of April (midnight – Sat.), the scene where the main character sings Elza’s new sew song was depicted.


The original novel of the animations has a sentence saying, “Many of Kanzaki Elza’s songs are use the motifs of classical music masterpieces.”
The song “Pilgrim” which was broadcast the other day uses the motif of Pachelbel’s Canon. The song which the main character sang in the 4th episode also uses the motif of “Promenade” from “Pictures at an Exhibition” written by Mussorgsky.



Distribution of Kanzaki Elza’s new single, “step step” was started online on the 29th of April which is the same day that the 4th episode was broadcast! Don’t miss her second single!


I am sure many fans can’t wait for the release of more CDs and her holding of lives. Her new single can be previewed at her new official website, so check out her new works!


Kanzaki Elza official website

「step, step」 distribution 

“Pilgrim” distribution