Babyraids Japan Member Rikako Oya’s #OOTD (May 2018)

24.May.2018 | FASHION / FEATURES

Rikako “Ricopin” Oya is the stylish leader of Babyraids Japan, a five-member idol unit. This is her article feature in which she delivers the latest trends in Japan and offers up real, full-scale street styling. The theme for this fourth entry is “90’s.” She is serving three different styles in addition to her own plain clothes, all overflowing with young 90’s power and pop.


Feb. 2018:


Apr. 2018:



High Tension Off-Shoulder


This is look is off-shoulder and shows off some skin in a 90’s style. The summery, multi-coloured border gives a retro pop vibe. The sporty denim jeans have a line stripped down the side, and tailoring it into a street style elevates the feeling of this year!

Tops ¥4860/jouetie  Denim ¥10,800/jouetie



School Style Infused with Boyish Influences

FH000027FH000023 copyFH010004FH010008

The milk tea coloured checkered shirt is part of her personal wardrobe which she bought at a second-hand store. The bright red stadium jacket together with the denim skirt screams ‘school girl,’ and the sneakers and headband add a boyish undertone.

Jacket ¥23760/Aymmy in the batty girls  Skirt ¥6480/ jouetie


Hippy-Like with a Crochet Lace Skirt

FH010023 2FH000004 copyFH000002

The crochet skirt has a colourful flower pattern, which when worn together with the two-colour camisole transforms the look into something reminiscent of a cute 90’s dancer. The free-hippy-like crochet lace skirt is a healthy and active co-ord for the early summer.

Tops ¥3240 /jouetie  Skirt ¥3990/jouetie


Comments from Ricopin

Today’s three styles combine items from my everyday wardrobe. I don’t normally show skin, so I wonder if I feel inside that I’ve tried out a lot of looks? The crochet lace mini skirt was an item I absolutely wanted to try wearing this year. This kind of 90’s healthy and girly look is cute, right! At any rate, since beginning this featured series, my personal wardrobe has quickly become stylish! I’ve become much more able to pick out and wear clothes that I want to wear. This theme had that free feeling you only got in the 90’s, and I got to get close to myself in those terms! What should I go with next, I wonder…?



Check out one of Ricopin’s everyday outfits!

In this section, Ricopin showcases us her favourite ordinary outfit at the moment, demonstrating her power as a leader of style!


Innocent Girl with Nostalgic Dots

FH030030 copyFH010020 2FH010018 2

When I was a child, I had a phobia of dots. That’s why I’m not good at looking at polka dots. I’ve gone and overcome that extremely easily by having coming across this one-piece from Jouetie! It’s feminine and the neck is open wide, but it can be worn easily and casually, and if you wear heels with it like I did today it can look cute even if you’re a lady! The lace cache coeur part also has a classic sweet feel. It’s my favourite part.




Rikako Ōya (Babyraids Japan)

Won the grand prix in the 2009 LOVE Berry auditions. Currently signed to LesPros Entertainment. Active as a member of idol group “Babyraids Japan.” Known as “Ricopin” by her fans, she is in charge of talking for the group. Her trademark is her twin-tail hairstyle. She has an interest in playing the guitar, DJing, Harajuku Fashion and film cameras. She appears on the radio show “Babyraids Japan Oya & Takami no Shaberi Suta!”.


Babyraids Japan Official Fan Club Website:

Twitter: @lespros_ricopin

Instagram: @rikako_ooya

Writer:Ai Watanabe

Photographer:Asami Nobuoka