Get ready for Kirby’s ‘Pupupu Milky Way and Pupupu gourmet tour’ fair at KIDDY LAND

27.February.2016 | SPOT

From Saturday 5th March to Friday 18th March 2016, Kirby’s ‘Pupupu na Milky Way and Pupupu na Gourmet Tour’ fair will be open!

Kirby’s Dream Land will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2017. In order to deliver their charm to their fans, which has still been shining after all these years, the ‘Pupupu na Milky Way and Pupupu na Gourmet Tour’ product range will be available at 16 KIDDY LAND stores across Japan, including the KIDDY LAND Harajuku store.


Make sure you come visit the Kirby x KIDDY LAND special corner (「カービィ」×「キデイランド」のスペシャルコーナー) where you can enjoy gazing at the wondrous Milky Way and spot Kirby and friends floating around having fun! This kawaii design is the focus of the new stationery series, which you can find along with other cute products at KIDDY LAND stores in Tokyo, Kyushu, the Chubu region and the Kansai region. At these stores, there will be immediate pre-sales of these goods fully loaded with playful charm!


Above image: © Nintendo / HAL Laboratory, Inc.


This time, the artwork used to represent Kirby will also be used to make an extremely rare and original badge design. This unique product will be presented to customers in the Novelty Present Campaign (ノベルティプレゼントキャンペーン), which will be held at the 16 stores.


Since becoming available on Game Boy in 1992, Kirby has become much loved by the world and fans are continuously looking out for the activity of Kirby. Join Kirby’s experience of space and food with the special ‘Pupupu na Milky Way and Pupupu na Gourmet Tour’ fair!



■ Click here for more information on the ‘Pupupu na Milky Way and Pupupu na Gourmet Tour’ Fair!



  • Kirby Café Sets Up Shop in Fukuoka’s Canal City Hakata―Themed Food, Exclusive Merch & More

    02.August.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

    The Kirby Café currently open at Tokyo Solamachi until September 23, and which has seen several runs due to its immense popularity, is heading to Canal City Hakata in Fukuoka. It will open on August 8 for a limited time only.

    Kirby’s Inhaled Caprese – ¥1,380 (Before Tax)

    Kirby Burger & Meat Pasta With Warm Veg – ¥2,580 (Before Tax)

    Kirby’s Uki Uki Marshmallow au Lait – ¥1,180 (Before Tax)

    The Kirby chefs are set to plate up an abundance of adorable dishes such as the Kirby burger and meat pasta which is served with hot vegetables. It arrives on an exclusive Hakata souvenir plate.

    Paper Mint Press – ¥1,980 (Before Tax)

    Kirby’s Funwari Stawberry Mousse – ¥1,480 (Before Tax)

    Fluffy Warp Star Pancakes – ¥1,980 (Before Tax)

    T-Shirt: Strawberry Light Pink: ¥3,400 (Before Tax)

    Fans can look forward to grabbing a range of exclusive merchandise too all of which have strawberry designs on them as Fukuoka are famous for their strawberries.

    Postcards (2 Designs) – ¥150 Each (Before Tax)

    You won’t be able to get these items anywhere else, so don’t miss out.


    There will also be an official store in a different part of Canal City Hakata called “Kirby Café The Store” where you can pick up even more Kirby goodies.


    When the reservation period for the Tokyo Solamachi café opened it was so popular that most tables were taken up on the same day which has left tons of people waiting for cancellations. If you’re looking to visit the Hakata branch then be sure to mark August 8 on your calendars!

  • Refreshing New Fizzy Jelly Drinks Releasing This Summer in Cute Kirby Cans

    01.June.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

    Japanese soft drink company Dydo Drinco has revealed two new drinks for spring and summer 2019: the Jelly Sparkling Melon Cream Soda and Jelly Sparkling Fruit Punch, both of which will be released on June 10.


    The beverages are made in collaboration with the popular video game character Kirby. Every since Kirby hit the industry on the Game Boy back in 1992 his games have been enjoyed by both kids and adults alike. The fizzy drinks are a mix of refreshing carbonated jelly and nata de coco, a chewy jelly-like ingredients made from coconut water. This combination is what makes “Purusshu!! Jelly,” a new fizzy drink brand.

    Purusshu!! Jelly x Sparkling Melon Cream Soda (Kirby’s Dream Land): ¥115 (Before Tax)

    The drinks come canned and bottled with cute Kirby designs. There are 5 different designs to enjoy.


    Purusshu!! Jelly x Sparkling Fruit Punch (Kirby’s Dream Land): ¥139 (Before Tax)

    Enjoy a refreshment during the hot weather or during your work or study break with these tasty new drinks.


    © Nintendo / HAL Laboratory, Inc.

  • The KIRBY CAFÉ Returns to Tokyo Solamachi With Summery Menu Line-Up

    13.May.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD / SPOT

    The KIRBY CAFÉ is returning to Tokyo Solamachi at the foot of Tokyo Skytree from from June 11 to September 23.

    When it opens fans of the adorable video game character can look forward an assortment of summer themed food, desserts and new merchandise.

    Kirby’s Summer Break: ¥2,580 (Before Tax)

    Whispy Farm Curry – The Ultimate Choice: ¥2,580 (Before Tax)

    Four different hot sauces of increasing spiciness will be available to choose from. Which will you pick?

    Kine’s Puka Puka Yoghurt Granola: ¥1,980 (Before Tax)

    King Dedede’s Lost Items: ¥1,880 (Before Tax)

    Aqua Star Cocktail: ¥1,280 (Before Tax)

    There will also be a merchandise corner and refreshing desserts that can be ordered for takeout.

    Cool Pancake Set w/ Cooling Bag: ¥1,980 (Before Tax)

    There are four Kirby and Waddle Dee pancakes to choose from each with a different flavour: strawberry, custard, mango and cafe au lait. They come with a café-original cooling bag so you can take them home with you.


    Enjoy your summer this year with Kirby!


    ©Nintendo / HAL Laboratory, inc.

  • Kirby-themed cosmetics lineup “Ichiban Coffret” is coming to Lawson stores!

    08.May.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    A character lottery where you are always a winner?! A new Kirby-themed cosmetic goods lottery will arrive at Lawson convenience stores across Japan on Saturday 25th May 2019! The Ichiban Coffret collection consists of goods themed around the game Kirby’s Dream Land.


    A flower-themed Kirby original design! This is not available anywhere else. Whether you’re a fan or not, you must see it!


    Prize A:Dream cosmetics palette (only one type available), approx. size: 18cm

    This cosmetics palette contains six different eyeshadow colours and two different blush colours. Not only is this the perfect colour scheme for the start of summer but the range of colours also makes it easy and suitable for anyone to use! The palette colour scheme is the same as that of the game! Upon opening it, you’ll realise just how cute it is and you’re bound to make use of it every day.


    Prize B:Boyoboyo compact (only one type available), approx. size: 7.5cm

    This compact takes on the shape of Kirby’s face! This will give a cute, soft and even colour to your cheeks!



    Prize C:Dazzling rouge (Two colours available), approx. size: 7cm

    Kirby and Waddle Dee ー You can choose from two varieties of rouge lipstick. These easy-to-use lipsticks come in coral and pink ー choose one to brighten up your lips! ♪


    Prize D:Kirarin lipgloss (three colours available) , approx. size: 10cm

    These lipgloss containers have original designs. The three lipgloss colours are; glossy pink with a reddish tinge, clear pearl, and elegant pink pearl.


    E prize:Mildly fragranced hand cream (three varieties available), approx. size: 5cm

    There are three types of hand cream: pink floral, blue botanical, and orange garden. Now you have three different hand creams to choose from to suit your daily mood!


    Prize F:Multipurpose colourful compacts (5 different colours available), approx. size: 4cm

    This is a collection of cute round compacts! Each has a unique colour that is both simple and trendy! The five colours are pink, orange, red, pearl and brown! Each of the colours is a unique blend and has a creamy texture. Depending on the colour, you can also them as eyeshadow, blusher, lipstick, face highlighter and much more!



    Last One prize:Coffret pouch, approx size: 25cm

    You can fit all the items from the lineup into this bag! There’s also an inside pocket ー what a useful item!


    There are just so many cute goods as part of this line up so please check them out!


    (C)Nintendo / HAL Laboratory, Inc.


  • Japanese confectionery series Tabemasu makes Kirby and the Warp Star!

    20.April.2019 | FOOD

     Tabemasu is a Japanese confectionery series that features sweets designed to look like characters. A new Tabemasu series is about to be released called Tabemasu Asorto (Tabemasu assortment). The design for this series is based around Kirby, Kirby’s Dream Land and the Warp Star which Kirby rides in the game. This series will be released on Tuesday 23rd April 2019. Tabemasu has plans to release another round of the Tabemasu Asorto series later!


    The new Tabemasu Asorto series includes two traditional Japanese-style sweets in a set. The sweets are based on the world of Kirby. Kirby comes in the form of a chewy mochi sweet, and the Warp Star comes in the form of a soft, nerikiri sweet.


    The name “Tabemasu” is a combination of the word “tabemasu” (eat) and “mascot”. As the name implies, the entire sweet is made from traditional Japanese ingredients, and so you can consume it all!




     Kirby is a chewy pink ball of mochi dough filled with custard cream. There are a range of expressions to choose from, from smiley Kirby to sleepy Kirby and even a winking Kirby! There is also one secret design! There are six Kirby designs in total. Which of these squishy, round, cute Kirbys will you encounter? You’ll just have to head to the store to get one to find out!

     The Warp Star is a chocolate cream nerikiri. Both the sweets are made with natural colourings. Put your squishy Kirby on the Warp Star to enjoy an image straight out of the game! Of course you won’t be able to help but take photos of this edible mascot before eating it! Don’t forget to post your pictures on social media!


     You have to try this cute, photogenic Kirby!


    ©Nintendo / HAL Laboratory, Inc. KB19-P1654

  • Tokyo Skytree’s Kirby Café to Hold Kirby Birthday Event

    26.March.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

    The Kirby Café―located at Tokyo Solamachi, the shopping complex beneath Tokyo Skytree―will hold an event from April 1 to celebrate Kirby’s 27th birthday.

    Birthday Kinen Souvenir au Lait: ¥1,980 (Before Tax)

    Original Coaster


    During the event, customers who order the Birthday Kinen Souvenir au Lait will have their drinks served in one of two commemorative tumblers which they can take home. The tumblers and coasters are limited in stock and will discontinue once all have sold out.


    Kirby Happy Birthday Chocolate 2019: ¥500 (Before Tax)

    Birthday chocolate will also be available at the café’s merchandise corner as well as at the separate shop Kirby Café The Store. This can be enjoyed as it is, used as a cake decoration or given as a gift to Kirby fans.


    New Kirby Café items will also be sold at both the corner and store.

    Embroidery Badge Collection 2 (12 Designs): ¥690 Each (Before Tax) *Customers limited to 1 box of 12 badges

    The second line of the popular embroidery badge series will also be sold. Part of the fun is not knowing which you will get―which do you want the most?

    Kirby Café x HAL Laboratory, Inc. Mini Shoulder Bags (Grey/Yellow): ¥5,900 Each (Before Tax) *1 max per person

    Nintendo and HAL Laboratory, Inc. have teamed up to release two mini-size shoulder bags. There’s plenty of Kirby content to be enjoyed at the Kirby Café so don’t miss out.

  • Tokyo Solamachi “KIRBY CAFE” comes back for round two! New menu and new goods!

    29.January.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

    Tokyo Solamachi’s highly praised “KIRBY CAFE”  that was themed around “Kirby’s Dreamland” is now making a comeback! After introducing a new story theme, some new items to the menu, new souvenirs and upgrading its interior design, the cafe will be ready to open for its second round of fun from Wednesday 27th February 2019.

    Coffee curry and Whispy Woods Farm-fresh vegetable curry 2,480 ( +  tax)

    Kirby Suction! Hotdog with Cheese Sauce ¥1,580 (+tax)

    If there was a cafe in the world of Kirby, you would be served by the diligent-working Waddle-Dee, accompanied by the snack-consuming Kirby, and delightfully surprised by chef Kawasaki’s hospitality. Once again, this cafe brings you the chance to warm your stomach with happiness. The popular menu has been expanded to include new foods, desserts and sweets. New items on the food menu includes Coffee Curry, Whispy Woods Farm vegetable curry, Kirby no Suikomi! Hot Dog with Cheese Sauce, and many more dishes that are not only wonderful to look at but also full of flavour!

    Maximum Tomato no Kanzen Kaifuku Plate ¥2,480 (+ tax)

    Maximum Tomato no Kanzen Kaifuku – Comes with Kirby or Waddle Dee pottery mascot and small souvenir plate.

    Mug Cup with lid (Kirby)  ¥3,900 (+ tax)


    Mascot Kirby/ Waddle Dee ¥1,300 (+tax)


    Of course, Kirby Cafe limited-edition goods that are not available anywhere else will be introduced to the cafe from 27th February so please check them out!

    You need a reservation to eat at Kirby Cafe so please do not forget to book in advance!

  • Kirby and Waddle Dee Confections by Tabemas Available at Lawson Convenience Stores

    18.November.2018 | FOOD

    Japanese character confectionary series Tabemas are releasing the third product in their line of ‘Tabemas Mochi’ sweets which is red bean paste inside mochi.


    Named ‘Tabemas Mochi Kirby’s Dream Land,’ the new confections feature the characters Kirby and Waddle Dee from the game Kirby’s Dream Land and will be available at all Lawson branches across Japan from November 20 (except Natural Lawson and Lawson Store 100 stores).


    Kirby and his cute, but weak, foe “Waddle Dee” are two very popular and instanstly-recognisable characters and are now available as edible mascot characters.

    Both characters have their whole body made from Japanese confectionary. Kirby is made from pink mochi, and Waddle Dee from orange mochi, with each having 4 different faces including smiling, sleeping, and a secret one, too. These lovable characters are made of soft and chewy mochi. They are all packaged randomly with a possible 16 combinations available. Which Kirby and Waddle Dee will you?

    The soft and chewy mochi is matched with cream inside, with Kirby’s flavour being custard cream and Waddle Dee’s flavour being caramel cream. Kirby and Waddle Dee have their feet made of Japanese confection called nerikiri. Grab and enjoy these lovely sweets♡

  • Sleep Inside Kirby’s Mouth With Cute New Plush Cushion

    07.November.2018 | FASHION

    Kirby has inhaled many things in his time with us, but what if he were to try and inhale a person? That’s the concept behind this new Kirby plush toy which was released on November 2, 2018.

    It’s interesting to wonder what’s inside a black hole, and it’s equally as interesting to know what it’s like to be inside Kirby’s round and gaping wide mouth. Now you can live that dream.

    You can play with it or even shut out the rest of the world and take a nice relaxing nap inside. The interior is cushioned so it’s nice and comfy when you get in.

    This is something that both kid and adult fans of Kirby can enjoy. Don’t miss out!

  • Kirby Café Opens in Tokyo Solamachi – The Shopping Complex Beneath Tokyo Skytree

    21.September.2018 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

    Fans of Kirby will be excited to know that the new Kirby Café is coming to Tokyo Solamachi on September 27, 2018.

    The irresistible menu includes a line-up of mouth watering food and drinks inspired by the Kirby video game series.

    Kirby’s Inhaled Caprese: ¥1,380 (Pre-Tax)

    Waddle Dee’s Afternoon Nap Omurice: ¥1,680 (Pre-Tax)

    The menu includes a variety of dishes, including a plate of caprese salad which you’ll want to order quick before Kirby inhales it! As well as that, there’s Waddle Dee who is made of rice and enjoying an afternoon doze under an omelette blanket.

    Whispy Woods’ Mori Mori Sweets Plate: ¥2,580 (Pre-Tax)

    Kirby Burger & Meat Pasta With Seasonal Veg: ¥2,580 (Pre-Tax)

    The forest king himself Whispy Woods also has a plate of sweets for your to enjoy. There’s also a Kirby burger served with meat pasta and seasonal vegetables.

    Kracko’s Shuwa Shuwa Soda: ¥800 (Pre-Tax)

    Kirby’s Uki Uki Marshmallow au Lait (Iced/Hot): ¥1,180 (Pre-Tax)

    Kirby’s Funwari Stawberry Mousse: ¥1,480 (Pre-Tax)

    Of course, there’s a whole range of drinks and desserts too! If you order yourself a drink you’ll be able to receive a free original coaster from six possible designs. With the drinks you can choose which marshmallow you want – the one of Kirby’s butt or Kirby peeking out of your drink.


    Kirby Café Cutlery – Fork/Spoon: ¥900 Each (Pre-Tax), Dinner Knife: ¥1,100 (Pre-Tax)

    Kirby Café Plushies – Kirby (S) / Waddle Dee (S): ¥1,800 Each (Pre-Tax)

    Once you’re finished your meal you can check out the merchandise they have available including cutlery and dinnerware which is used during your meals as well as plushies and much more.


    You must book online to dine at the Kirby Café. What are you waiting for?



    Kirby Café

    Address: Solamachi 4F, Tokyo Sky Tree Town, 1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida Ward, Tokyo
    Running: September 27, 2018 – February 17, 2019

    Opening Hours: 10:00am-10:00pm (Last Orders 9:00pm)

    TEL: 03-3622-5577 (Accessible from the first day of opening)
    Kirby Café Official Website:


    Kirby Café Bookings

    Booking Link:

    Bookings are open from September 21, 2018 at 6:00pm (JST)
    *Full details regarding booking can be found on the official website via the booking form button.
    *Bookings are taken online only. Phone reservations not possible.
    *Bookings are still required to access the merchandise area.

  • Sanrio & Kirby Cable Bite Series Protects Your Chargers & Looks Cute!

    23.May.2018 | FASHION

    Cable Bite is a popular iPhone cable accessory series that collaborates with other series. Their new line-up includes internationally beloved characters from Sanrio as well as Kirby’s Dream Land.

    カプセルバイト 星のカービィ  ポムポムプリン  キキララ サンリオカプセルバイト 星のカービィ  ポムポムプリン  キキララ サンリオ
    The cute accessories attach to your charging cable and look like they are biting down on it. Not only are they adorable as accessories, they also prevent your cable from disconnecting.
    カプセルバイト 星のカービィ  ポムポムプリン  キキララ サンリオカプセルバイト 星のカービィ  ポムポムプリン  キキララ サンリオ

    In the Kirby’s Dream Land range there are three Kirby types and one Dedede. In the Sanrio range there is My Melody, Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin, and Little Twin Stars (Kiki & Lala).
    カプセルバイト 星のカービィ  ポムポムプリン  キキララ サンリオカプセルバイト 星のカービィ  ポムポムプリン  キキララ サンリオ
    Get your hands on your own Cable Bite character to decorate your phone and show it off to your friends!

    Cable Bite – Kirby’s Dream Land (4 Types)
    Cable Bite – Sanrio Series (5 Types)

    Price: ¥680 each (pre-tax)
    Main Stores: Village Vanguard / KIDDY LAND / Tokyu Hands/ LOFT
    Benelic Official Homepage: (Information on other stores stocking the items)

    Dreams Online Shop

    Cable Bite Official Homepage

  • Kirby Wagashi Sweets Arriving to Lawson Convenience Stores Across Japan

    22.April.2018 | FOOD

    The next series of sweets from wagashi brand Tabemasu is inspired by everybody’s favourite pink puff Kirby from the hit video game series.


    食べマス カービィ 和菓子 ローソン

    Tabemasu Mochi: Kirby’s Dream Land (2 included / ¥259 pre-tax)


    食べマス カービィ 和菓子 ローソン

    These are the first in a series of mochi products from Tabemasu, filled with red bean paste and cream. The two designs include Kirby himself and the Maxim Tomato recovery item.


    食べマス カービィ 和菓子 ローソン

    The mochi line-up features several facial expressions, like smiling, sleeping, and an undisclosed secret expression. This marks the first secret item to be released from Tabemasu.


    食べマス カービィ 和菓子 ローソン
    The chewy mochi texture and soft cream filling go perfect together. Enjoy a choice of custard flavoured cream in the Kirby designs and chocolate cream in the Maxim Tomato.

    食べマス カービィ 和菓子 ローソン

    The mochi arrive at Lawson convenience stores across Japan on April 24, 2018 (excluding Natural Lawson and Lawson Store 100). This is a popular series of wagashi which sells out every time, so you might want to get your hands on some quick.


    Enjoy these mochi however you like, whether as an afternoon treat, or as a dessert at a spring event in Japan. It’s also the perfect product to post on your social media!



    Tabemasu Mochi – Kirby’s Dream World

    Available: At the chilled dessert corner of Lawson stores across Japan.

    *Not sold at Natural Lawson or Lawson Store 100.

    *Limited quantity product. Sales will discontinue once all are sold.

    *The day on which stores stock the product may differ from branch to branch.

    *Select stores will not stock this product.

    On Sale: From April 24, 2018

    Price: ¥259 for 2 (w/tax ¥280)



    Tabemasu Product Line-up:

    *Photos for illustrative purposes only.

    *Actual product may differ from the photos.

    *Be careful as to not choke on the product.

    *For information on the latest releases, please visit the Bandai Candy Homepage.

    *”食べマス” (Tabemasu) is a registered trademark of Bandai Co., Ltd.