Aimer Releases ‘Omoide wa Kirei de’ to Celebrate Father’s Day

16.June.2018 | MUSIC

Aimer will be joined by Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra to perform at Bunkamura Orchard Hall on June 20 and 21 in a concept concert titled “ARIA STRINGS”. She will subsequently head on her first ever fan club tour in August.

The Japanese singer, known for her powerful and distinct husky singing voice, released her 14th single Ref:rainMabui Bakari back in February.  Omoide wa Kirei de marks her first new song since then.

A music video for the song was uploaded to Aimer‘s official Youtube channel in the run up to Father’s Day on June 17.

The music video joins her animated series alongside Kyoukara OmoideKimi o Matsu and everlasting snow. The music video is filled with an air of nostalgia and embraces the warm memories with one’s father.

Over on Aimer‘s official fan club Blanc et Noir, fans are sending in photos with their families. The heartwarming photos feature casual scenes taken in everyday life that, although are simple, are enough to tug your heartstrings.

Information regarding a CD or download release of Omoide wa Kirei de has yet to be announced. Look forward to any forthcoming updates.



Aimer 14th single – “Ref:rain / Mabui Bakari”

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Price: ¥1,320 (Tax Included)


Aimer Special Concert with Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra “ARIA STRINGS”

Venue: Bunkamura Orchard Hall

Dates: June 20, 2018 + June 21, 2018)

Time: Open 6pm / Start 7pm


Line-Up: Aimer, Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra


Aimer Fan Club Tour “été”

Zepp Nagoya

Date: August 7, 2018

Time: Open 6pm / Start 7pm


Zepp Osaka Bayside

Date: August 8, 2018

Time: Open 6pm / Start 7pm


Zepp Tokyo

Date: August 13, 2018

Time: Open 6pm / Start 7pm



1F Standing – ¥6,500 (Tax Included)

2F Reserved Seating – ¥7,500 (Tax Included)

2F Standing – ¥6,500 (Tax Included


Blanc et Noir Fan Club – 2nd Membership Openings: May 28 @ 12pm – June 17 @ 11pm


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