Laforet Harajuku’s Yukata Event to Begin on July 1

22.June.2018 | FASHION

Yukata IN LAFORET is a huge-scale yukata event coming to Laforet Harajuku’s second floor Container area from July 1 to 20.

This marks the fourth run of the event which will see nine stores come together to show off their yukata designs, including Roccoya Summer Shop, a popular kimono brand that fuses traditional and modern designs, and iroca times C.H.O.K.O which continue to push new kimono trends.

In charge of the exhibition displays will be creative group HARMONIZE who constantly put out new visuals. Their work will be centered around yukata and can be found at the outdoor window displays on the first floor and indoors at the central stairs on the second floor.

A welcome party will take place at each participating store on July 14 which anybody can attend. Tsukikageya will make their annual return too this year at the first floor entrance space. They’re trying something new this year by bringing in a range of original t-shirts to sell.

Pick from a selection of unique yukata and accessories you can only get in Harajuku and find the right one for you!


July 1 – 20 @ 2F CONTAINER
Roccoya Summer Shop, iroca times C.H.O.K.O

July 1 – 10 @ 2F CONTAINER
SOUBIEN bonheur saisons, Salon de Happiness, MIKI SAKURA & Sakura Maison

July 11 – 20 @ 2F CONTAINER
Umeya Kimono feat. Tamao Shigemune, Mari’ee Fleurir, Asobiya, Ma.cle

July 1 – 25 @ 1F Entrance Space



July 1 – 8 @ 1F Window Display

July 1 – 20 @ 2F Central Staircase Display


Welcome Party

Location: 2F Container

Date: Saturday July 14

Time: 4pm-7pm