Attack on Titan x Tobu Zoo Collaborative Event Details Announced

24.June.2018 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

New details for the Attack on Titan and Tobu Zoo collaborative event which was announced last month have been released. The event is set to run from July 14 to October. Let’s take a look at the latest news.

Original Illustrations

Original character designs have been specially drawn for this event. Fans can look forward to seeing main character Eren together with Levi dressed as animal handlers, as well as characters dressed up as animals.

Panel Showcase

There will be life-sized cardboard cutouts of characters from the series, as well as a photo spot recreating the event’s key visual. There will also be boards of the characters disguised as zoo animals.

Life-Size Exhibition

Expect to see a giant 4-meter tall balloon head of the Colossal Titan, life-sized figures of Eren and Levi, and more. There’ll also be a display of the Maneuver Gear that the humans use when taking down the Titans.

Original Merchandise

A huge line-up of original merchandise will be sold featuring artwork drawn for the event, such as badges, acrylic keyrings, folders, tote bags and more. Those who spend ¥2,000 or more (tax included) will also receive an original sticker.

Photo Booth

Take a commemorative photo of your day with cute designs of the characters dressed as animals. Photos can be printed.


Price: ¥600 each


Attack on Titan Themed Food

Enjoy food and dessert inspired by the series. Those who order from this menu will receive an original postcard.


Location: Cornet Pancake House at Tobu Zoo / Event Plaza


Character Voice Announcements

The voice actors and actresses of the series have recorded special announcements specially for the event. They will go off several times a day and each lasts around a minute.


Attack on Titan fans won’t want to miss out on this very special collab!



Attack on Titan x Tobu Zoo

Running: July 14, 2018 – October 8, 2018

Opening Hours: 9:30am-5:00pm (*Will change depending on the season and day)

Price: General (Ages 13+) – ¥1,700 / Children (Ages 3-12) – ¥700

One Day Pass (Incl. Entry + Unlimited Ride Access): General (Ages 13+) ¥4,800 / Children (Ages 3-12) – ¥3,700)


Tobu Zoo

Address: 110 Suka, Miyashiro-machi, Minamisaitama-gun, Saitama Prefecture

TEL: 0480-93-1200



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