Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma Make-Up Brushes Released by Kumano Fude

28.June.2018 | FASHION

From KOYUDO Collection’s Kumano Fude make-up brush line comes a new Rilakkuma design series. Hikidashi Store are now taking pre-orders for the new Rilakkuma Face Brush, Rilakkuma Cheek Brush and Korilakkuma Cheek Brush.

The Rilakkuma face brushes are carefully handmade by artisans one by one with three different colours of wool to create Rilakkuma’s face.

The Rilakkuma cheek brush is dyed a brown colour like the bear himself.

The Korilakkuma cheek brush is a dyed pink colour inspired by a strawberries, her favourite fruit. All the handles are made with natural wood and feature logos of the characters on the handles.

Kumano is the number one brush manufacturing company in Japan. In 1975, it was designated as a Traditional Craft by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry. Kumanofude continues to be cherished for its quality which is made possible by the traditional techniques and crafts use as well as the materials.

The Rilakkuma Kumano Fude brushes are the ultimate brushes made by the artisans of Kumano who continue the pass down the tradition of brush manufacturing which doesn’t cut the tips off the brushes. Each brush is marked with an official quality approval mark of Kumanofude.


Cute yourself up with these new kawaii Rilakkuma items!



Rilakkuma Kumano Fude

Place of Manufacturing: Kumano, Aki District, Hiroshima Prefecture

On Sale: End of July 2018

Price: Face Brush ¥5,500 (+Tax) / Cheek Brush ¥3,700 (+Tax) each

Items: Face Brush (Rilakkuma), Cheek Brush (Rilakkuma / Korilakkuma)

Now accepting pre-orders.

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