Choose Your Own Yukata and Dine at a Beer Garden in Yokohama Marine Tower

06.July.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

Put on your favourite yukata and enjoy the night time scenery of Yokohama at the Yukata Beer Garden coming to Yokohama Marine Tower. It will run from July 6 to September 7.

Beer gardens are a staple of Japanese summer, as are yukata. You can rent out yukata while in Japan, or you may have one already but require assistance putting it on properly. The Yukata Beer Garden aims to eliminate these problems. There, you can choose from over 100 different items of clothing including yukata, obi and geta which will be fitted for you by professionals.

The best part about it is that you get the full set. Once you’ve picked out your yukata you can enjoy a beer garden course at one of four shops. There are also courses that come with a ticket for the Yokohama Marine Tower observatory deck.

All of the yukata items available accommodate for males and females. They stock everything from simple and stylish to colourful and retro.


Once you’ve had your yukata fitted, you’re free to enjoy yourself until your dinner reservation time arrives. You can take a stroll in Yamashita Park, feel cool breeze at Oka Koen while gazing at the harbour, walk around China Town or Motomachi Shopping Street and more while wearing your yukata.

Choose a dinner plan you like from either 3 restaurants at Yokohama Marine Tower or one of the 4 beer garden plans at Yamate Jubankan.

THE BUND (Marine Tower 1F): Garden BBQ Course (+2-hr 30 min Unlimited Drinks)

A tempura BBQ beer garden course with all-you-can-eat beef, pork and chicken including beef harami garlic steak. Enjoy a cold beer in an open terrace while feeling that Yokohama breeze!

The Tower Restaurant Yokohama (Marine Tower 4F): Beer Terrace Course (+2-hr 30 min Unlimited Drinks)

Takes place in an open terrace area that has a sweeping view of the Port of Yokohama. Relax and enjoy Mediterranean cuisine such as the main dish, roast chicken.

Mizumachi Bar (Marine Tower 1F): Black Iberian Pig & Spare Rib Set (+2-hr 30 min Unlimited Drinks)

A traditional bar with a relaxed atmosphere next to Mizumachi-dori Street. Their hearty portions of spare ribs (250g) and cocktails made in collaboration with Crazy Ken Band are hugely popular.


Bonus: Comes with ticket to Marine Tower observatory deck.

Yamate Jubankan: BBQ Course (+2-hr 30 min Unlimited Drinks)

This place is perfect if you want a special evening date that’s a little different or if you want to go for a bit of drinking with the girls. Enjoy a BBQ in a garden enveloped in greenery.


Restaurant: Yamate Jubankan (10-mins on foot from Marine Tower)


Make some summertime memories in Japan dressed in a yukata at a beer garden!



Eraberu Yukata Beer Garden

Running: July 6, 2018 – September 17, 2018
Price: Females ¥12,000 / Males ¥14,000
・Pick and choose your own yukata, obi and geta.
・Have them fitted by a professional.
・Choose a beer garden course from one of the four places below.


“THE BUND” (Yokohama Marine Tower 1F)
Dinner: 5:00pm-11:00pm (From 4:00pm on Weekends & National Holidays)

TEL: 045-263-8115

The Tower Restaurant Yokohama (Yokohama Marine Tower 4F)
Dinner: 5:00pm-11:00pm

TEL: 045-263-8117

Mizumachi Bar (Yokohama Marine Tower 1F):
Dinner: 5:00pm-11:00pm

TEL: 045-263-8116

Yamate Jubankan (10-mins on foot from Yokohama Marine Tower)
Dinner: 5:00pm-9:00pm

TEL: 045-621-4466

*A separate entry fee is required to access the observatory deck floor.
Adults: ¥750 / Children (13-15 years): ¥500 / Children (7-12 years): ¥250 / Children (4-6 years): ¥200 / Children (Under 3-years): Free

However, the Mizumachi Bar beer garden course includes an entry ticket to the observatory deck floor.