Tokyo Skytree® Selected for Japan 100 Moon Project to Hold Moon Viewing Event

01.August.2018 | SPOT

Down in Tokyo Skytree Town® they are set to hold an event from September 3 to 30 with the theme ‘enjoying the long nights of autumn.’


In February 2017, Tokyo Skytree, the tallest tower in the world, was selected as part of the Japan 100 Moon project which recognises the country’s best places to view a harvest moon from. Having been designated as such, Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Skytree Town will host this special moon viewing event.



The moon viewing event will be a coming together of the mid-fall harvest moon and fireworks. In line with this, several other events will be held in Tokyo Skytree Town allowing people to enjoy experiencing the lure of the moon and sky.


A jazz performance has been arranged for Tokyo Skytree’s 350m tall observation deck, meaning you can enjoy chill music while gazing at the harvest moon.


There will also be a special moon themed program titled Kiseki no Tsuki (‘The Miracle of the Moon Produced by Motoo Marumaru’) at the SKYTREE ROUND THEATER®, a huge screen made on the glass windows. It will be a magical showing of music and visuals centred around the moon with Tokyo’s nightscape as the backdrop.


In Tokyo Solomachi, they will hold a yoga event where you can work out while looking up at Skytree and the moon. There will also be a tapas and wine menu at the event ‘Moonlight Wine Bar Produced by Rigoletto.’


There will be a range of other limited edition menu items and desserts too at the Tokyo Skytree observation deck cafe and Tokyo Solomachi restaurants.

Ogura Milk & Matcha Mousse – ¥540 (Tax Included) / Tower Yard 2F, Ginza BOUL’MICH


Bunny Manjū – ¥160 (Tax Included) / Tower Yard 2F, Senjushuku Kitaya


Otsukimi Parfait – ¥780 (Tax Included) / SKYTREE CAFE(Observation Deck Floor 340) ©TOKYO-SKYTREE


Enjoy evening-time autumn at Tokyo Skytree.


Tokyo Skytree / Tokyo Skytree Town
Address: 1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Closest Stations: Tokyo Skytree Station / Oshiage Station
Website: Skytree Moon Viewing
Running: September 20 & 24
Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm
Location: Tokyo Skytree Observation Deck Floor 350
Price: Free (A valid paid observation ticket is required for entry however)
*Subject to postponement depending on weather conditionsTokyo Solomachi Moon Viewing
Running: September 20 & 24
Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm
Location: Solomachi Hiroba, Tokyo Skytree Town 1F
Price: Free
*Subject to postponement depending on weather conditionsTokyo

Jazz Performance – “Jazz in the Moon Night”
MALTA Planet Band: September 7, 14, 21
JILLE: September 28
Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm
Location: Tokyo Skytree Observation Deck Floor 350
Price: Free (A valid paid observation ticket is required for entry however)


SKYTREE ROUND THEATER® Program – “Kiseki no Tsuki Produced by Motoo Marumaru”
Running: September 3 – September 30 (*No screening on jazz performance days. Schedule subject to alterations.)
Time: 7:00pm / 7:30pm / 8:00pm / 8:30pm (Each screening lasts 3 minutes)
Location: Tokyo Skytree Observation Deck Floor 350


Night Sky Yoga
Running: September 8, 9, 14-17, 21-24, 29, 30
Time: 7:00pm-8:00pm (Reception open from 6:30pm)
Location: Tokyo Skytree Town 8F, Dome Garden
Price: Free
*Open to the first 80 people that arrive each day. Yoga mats and other equipment available. Subject to change depending on weather conditions or cancellation in case of rain.


Konicaminolta Planetarium – “Tenku” in Tokyo Skytree Town®
Running: September 10-25


  • 【Tokyo Stroll】Asakusa Sightseeing: Eating and Walking Down Nakamise Shopping Street & Rickshaw Riding at Kaminarimon

    29.November.2017 | FEATURES / SPOT

    Today’s Tokyo stroll destination is Asakusa. Asakusa is a popular tourist spot for people coming to Japan and is always packed.


    However, today’s weather forecast predicted rain! So Yuna and Ellie’s first stop on their Tokyo stroll was to buy umbrellas from Shinagawa.


    Buying an umbrella at AEON in Shinagawa Seaside


    Shinagawa Station is linked to the shinkansen and numerous airports, so you will find many people from inside and outside Japan waiting there. A convenient place to visit when in Shinagawa if you want something is the Shingawa Seaside branch of AEON.


    The shopping complex can be reached in 10 minutes by bus or taxi. If you use Shinagawa Seaside Station it’s just a 5 minute walk.

    170906_KS_00054 170906_KS_00057

    When looking for somewhere that sells umbrellas to make being in the rain a bit more fun, Yuna and Ellie discovered “fururi,” a place that sells vinyl umbrellas with colourful designs that you can change – simply screw off the top of the umbrella frame, remove the vinyl sheet and replace it with whichever one you like.


    There are 48 designs to enjoy with a 60cm umbrella.

    asakusaaeon061 asakusaaeon392

    Yuna chose a cute design that has blue and yellow water drops. Ellie went for a pink design. A colourful umbrella means turning that rain induced frown upside down. Asakusa is the place to go if you want something fight off the rain!



    AEON – Shinagawa Seaside Branch

    Address: 4-12-5 Higashishinagawa, Shinagawa, Tokyo

    Open: 8am-12am

    TEL: 03−5715−8300



    Eat and walk down Nakamise Shopping Street♪


    As you come to the Kaminarimon Gate you must first press your hands together and bow before heading through to Nakamise Shopping Street. The street is lined with lots of shops selling all kinds of goodies from toys to food to souvenirs.


    The first item Yuna and Ellie came across were little randoresu keyrings. This is most definitely the kind of souvenir you can only get in Japan. Ever since popular Hollywood actresses put out photos of themselves donning these backpacks, they have become popular overseas for their colourfulness and durability. There are even people who wear them as a fashion item.

    asakusaaeon519 asakusaaeon520

    The next treasure they found were the ‘daigaku imo’! Daigaku imo are candied sweet potatoes. The outside is crunchy and the outside is soft. They are deliciously sweet. You absolutely must try them if you come across them in Japan.



    Oimoyasan Asakusa

    Address: 1-36-6 Asakusa, Taito, Tokyo

    Open: 09:00-20:00

    Open all year around.

    TEL: 03-3843-3886



    Approaching Sensō-ji


    When you come out of Nakamise Shopping Street you will find yourself at Sensō-ji, Asakusa’s ancient Buddhist temple.


    The first step to take when going to shrines and temples in Japan is washing your hands, which is called “temizuya.” Hold the ladle with your right hand and wash your left hand and vice versa. Take the ladle with your right hand and scoop some water. Pour the water into your left hand and rinse your mouth with it. Make sure to never bring the ladle to your mouth. Spit the water next to the fountain, never directly back into it. (Bonus: Check out our step-by-step guide to praying etiquette and shrines and temples in Japan.)


    Subsequently, approach the main temple building. After praying, toss in a monetary offering. Then put your hands together and bow once. Since there is no shrine here you do not need to clap. Finally, perform a light bow to complete the prayer.


    I wonder what those two were praying for. They look unusually serious.


    There are lots of great places to take photos around Sensō-ji so be sure to have a good look around.




    Address: 2-3-1 Asakusa, Taito, Tokyo

    Open: 6:00-17:00 (April-September) / 6:30-17:00 (October-March)

    Open all year round.

    TEL: 03−3842−0181



    Tour Asakusa on a rickshaw


    After their temple walk, Yuna and Ellie boarded a rickshaw to scope the Asakusa townscape. The rickshaws have a tarpaulin rain cover and lap blanket in case of rain so you can still have fun even when the weather is bad.


    We recommend taking a photo at Dempoin Street when riding your rickshaw as pictured above! It’s a special kind of place that you can only find in Asakusa so be sure to take a memorable picture.



    Ebisuya – Asakusa Branch

    Boarding: In front of Kaminarimon Gate (主な乗り場:雷門前(背中に「雷」と入った衣装がえびす屋)

    Open: 9:30-Sunset *depending on the season

    TEL: 03-3847-4443



    Did you enjoy Yuna and Ellie’s sightseeing trip to Asakusa? There’s lots of other amazing places to find in Asakusa too! We’ll be sure to post about them here on MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON so stay tuned.


    Models: Yuna Yabe, Ellie

    Photo: Kayo Sekiguchi

    Writer: Sayuri Mizuno (ASOBISYSTEM)

    Translator: Joshua Kitosi-Isanga


    Introducing: Randoseru

    We’d like to introduce to you the randoseru bags used in today’s article which both Yuna and Ellie modelled for in a Narita tourism article. As mentioned above, the Japanese randoseru, firm backpacks made from leather or leather-like material, are recognised as a fashion item overseas. The randoseru used in today’s article were are the 24 colour randoseru and 3STYLE randoseru from AEON.


    Yuna: 24 Colour Randoseru (Burgundy) – ¥35,000 (tax excl.)

    Ellie: 3STYLE Randoseru (Caramel) – ¥48,000 (tax excl.)


    The 3STYLE randoseru can be used as a shoulder bag or handbag. If you’re interested in either of their randoseru, then be sure to pop into your nearest AEON store.


  • 6 Recommended Hotels in Asakusa Within 5-Minutes’ Walking Distance From Station!

    23.February.2018 | FEATURES / SPOT

    At the heart of Tokyo’s shitamachi is Asakusa, a district that lives and breathes history and tradition with its pronounced Edo spirit. It’s also a popular sightseeing location for tourists. Every year, 30 million people roll up to see the symbolic sights of Tokyo’s ancient district, including the Sensō-ji temple and Kaminarimon, or “Thunder Gate.”


    In this article, we’re going to recommend 5 hotels within 5-minutes’ walking distance from Asakusa Station. Be sure to find the perfect and most convenient hotel for you.



    THE GATE HOTEL Kaminarimon by HULIC


    This hotel is just 2-minutes on foot from Asakusa Station’s exit. Its stylish design is truly eye-catching. You can see Tokyo Skytree – the tallest tower in the world – from the glazed front floor lobby on the 13th floor. You can also get a full view of the Asakusa’s neighbourhood from the rooftop terrace, as well as Skytree, while enjoying a meal. We recommend this one for people looking for a good view from their hotel.



    THE GATE HOTEL Kaminarimon by HULIC

    Address: 2-16-11 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo

    TEL: 03-5826-3877




    Richmond Hotel Asakusa


    This is business hotel is located about 3-minutes on foot from Asakusa Station’s A1 exit. The hotel won first place in SPRING’s 2015 business hotel category. The entire building is fitted with Wi-Fi and there are ethernet ports and printers that can be used for free, and every room has electrical outlets. The front desk operates 24-hours a day and there is also baggage storage, as well as microwave ovens on the 6th floor that can be used for free. This one’s recommended for people seeking out a hotel with lots of amenities.



    Richmond Hotel Asakusa

    Address: 2-7-10 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

    TEL: 03-5806-0255




    Asakusa View Hotel


    The Tsukuba Express Line and Asakusa Station are directly connected to this sleek, high-rise hotel which stands 28 stories high and has 3 basement floors. Choose from a wide range of different rooms including traditional Japanese rooms, rooms with a fantastic view, rooms with luxurious bedding and amenities and more. The 26th floor is home to the Sky Grill Cafe & Bar where you can tuck into a delicious breakfast while overlooking the town. If you’re searching for a top grade hotel in Asakusa then look no further.



    Asakusa View Hotel

    Address: 3-17-1 Nishiasakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

    TEL: 03-3847-1111




    Asakusa Hotel Hatago

    Feel the charm of traditional Japan at Asakusa Hotel Hatago, situated about 2-minutes by foot from Asakusa Station via the Toei Asakusa Line. All rooms are fitted with traditional tatami flooring, allowing you to relax barefoot in a room that will heal your mind and body. The Japanese style beds are manufactured by Simmons and rooms are equipped with a humidifier and air purifier. The real treat of staying at this hotel is sleeping in a Japanese-style room with traditional bedding. There’s even sliding doors and Japanese-style writing desks, as well as traditional wallpaper, which will give you that Edo feeling. Those looking to stay traditional on their Japanese trip should consider this option.



    Asakusa Hotel Hatago

    Address: 2-6-8 Komagata, Taito-ku, Tokyo

    TEL: 03-6802-7277




     Hotel Kaminarimon


    Hotel Kaminarimon is a long-standing 4 story hotel just 1-minute from Asakusa Station via the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line. The hotel is right beside Asakusa’s famous sightseeing spot Kaminarimon – the “Thunder Gate”. From the hotel, you can also see the lights of Nakamise-dori’s shops. There’s plenty of English guidance provided by the hotel, making it a popular destination for foreigners. The rooms are a little small, but they have a real at-home vibe, and you can feel the owner’s care that has gone into the hotel. We recommend Hotel Kaminarimon for people that want to be close by the sightseeing spots.



     Hotel Kaminarimon

    Address: 1-18-2 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

    TEL: 03-3844-1873




    Khaosan Tokyo Laboratory


    This cheap hostel is aimed at backpackers, offering a stylish space and based around the concept of being Japan’s most affordable and comfortable hostel. You’ll find it just 5-minutes on foot from Asakusa Station. They have a diverse selection of rooms including rooms perfect for families of 3-4 people, female dormitories with bunk beds, and shared male and female dormitories with bunk beds. It’s cheap to stay there and it’s super clean. You don’t need to worry about your wallet drying up here.



    Khaosan Tokyo Laboratory

    Address: 2-1-4 Nishiasakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

    TEL: 03-6479-1041




    Was this list helpful? Be sure to pick out the best option for you so you can conveniently spend a nice relaxing time in Asakusa after a day out.


  • A book store where you can stay overnight, “BOOK AND BED TOKYO” will open in Asakusa.

    30.September.2017 | SPOT

    On the 5th of October 2017 (Thurs.), a hostel called “BOOK AND BED TOKYO” which was created under the concept of “a book store where customers can stay overnight” is going to be opened in Asakusa Kaminarimon. They have started to receive reservations from the 29th of September – afternoon (Fri.).

    main copy

    sub1 copy

    As with the Ikebukuro branch shop which was opened in 2015, the graphic design of this new facility was undertaken by “Soda design,” the interior design was undertaken by “SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE” and the book selection was undertaken by “SHIBUYA PUBLISHING & BOOKSELLERS(SPBS).” It is a dreamy place where you can read books and fall asleep.

    sub7 copy

    sub6 copy

    The very popular pajama brand, NOWHAW has designed its fourth original pajama with the concept of “mappitatsu” (right in half) in time for the opening of the Asakusa shop.

    sub5 copy

    The pajamas will be sold on the official website and at the Asakusa shop(limited quantity) and the users of the facilities can also rent these pajamas.

    The “Daytime Plan” where customers can use the facility during daytime will be started from the 6th of October (Fri.).

    sub11 copysub12 copy

    Let’s experience a dreamy book-reading time right in the middle of Tokyo’s popular sightseeing spot – Asakusa!




    Address: 6F of Pagoda Asakusa, 2-16-9, Kaminarimon, Taitoku, Tokyo


    Business hours:

    Check in – 16:00 to 23:00

    Check out – By 11:00

    Business hours – 16:00 to 23:00

    Check out – By 11:00


    Access: Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Asakusa Station▶3 minutes on foot

    Toei Asakusa Line Asakusa Station▶5 minutes on foot

    Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station▶7 minutes on foot




  • ‘Creepy-Cute Exhibition in Tokyo’ to Take Place at Tokyo Solamachi

    28.May.2018 | SPOT

    An exhibition showcasing over 30 animals will take place with the cooperation of Tokuyama Zoo. The theme of the exhibition is kimokawaii, which means ‘creepy-cute,’ a popular trend in Japan.


    The event will take place from June 7 to July 8 at Tokyo Solamachi in Sumida. Barbie (pictured below), a comedian and tarento, will make an appearance on the first day.


    Photos are allowed at the exhibition, but flash is prohibited. There will also be an area where you an actually touch some of the animals too.


    Let’s take a look at some of the animals you can expect to see at the event. Keep in mind that some are subject to change.


    Lesser Bamboo Rat

    It has small pupils and big incisors that stick out. It has a very gentle personality and low alertness.



    Skinny Pig

    An almost hairless breed of guinea pig.



    Emerald Tree Boa

    This nocturnal snake fees atop trees, catching spoils like birds and other small animals. During the day, it wraps itself around a tree and sleeps.



     The event will also have original merchandise on sale that you can’t get anywhere else, such as collaborative items with Barbie and th eoriginal character Debame-chan.



    Attendees aged 12 and below who buy a ticket will also receive an original clear file (pictured above). There’s only a limited amount available!



    Many rare animals you can’t normally find easily will be present at the exhibition, so be sure to visit!



    Kimo Kawaii Ten (‘Creepy-Cute Exhibition’)

    Address: Tokyo Solamachi 5F Space 634, Tokyo Skytree Town, 1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida, Tokyo

    Running: June 7, 2018―July 8, 2018

    Opening Hours: 10:00-20:00 (Last Entries 19:30)

    Entry Price: Advance ¥700 (Same-Day ¥800)

    Ticket Vendors: Ticket Pia, Circle K Sunkus, 7-Eleven

    Access: Tokyo Skytree Station via Tokyo Skytree Line / Oshiage Station (in front of Skytree)

    TEL: 0120-054-283


  • A“TOKYO SKYTREE” × “Lisa and Gaspard” Christmas event will be held.

    05.October.2017 | SPOT

    Tobu Tower SKYTREE which runs TOKYO SKYTREE and Sony Creative Products which owns the master license of “Lisa and Gaspard” will collaborate to hold an event titled, “Lisa to Gaspard to Sugosu France no Christmas in TOKYO SKYTREE” from the 9th of November 2017 (Thurs.) to 25th of December (Mon.).


    The event will create the atmosphere of “Christmas in France,”home to Lisa and Gaspard, centering on the 450m high galleria based on an original story of “the first Christmas in Tokyo where Lisa and Gaspard decorate the highest galleria of TOKYO SKYTREE.”


    French oil paintings that make the viewer feel warmhearted and art works expressing the world of “Lisa and Gaspard” can be enjoyed at the galleria of TOKYO SKYTREE along with the wonderful night view. An original art photo spot and exhibition of copied original works can also be enjoyed at the galleria.


    Getting off the galleria shuttle (elevator), a story-book-like huge photo spot with Lisa and Gaspard will appear before you. The photo spot is will be an iconic rendition which exhibits the first page of the original story.


    At 451.2m high “Sorakara Point,” you can enjoy a photo spot with Christmas ornaments and SKYTREE figures created with Lisa’s magical walking stick which will make you feel like you are in the world of the original story.


    Moreover, they will sell Christmas-limited menu items, desserts and drinks which are collaborative “Lisa and Gaspard”items at “SKYTREE CAFÉ” located on Floor 340 inside the 340m high viewing deck.


    They will also sell limited goods, pair tickets and offer limited goods to visitors and hold a character-greeting event.


    Let’s have a wonderful Christmas season with Lisa and Gaspard at TOKYO SKYTREE.



    Date: 2017,11,09 (Thurs.) to 12,25 (Mon.)

    Venue: TOKYO SKYTREE viewing deck, galleria


    Content: ・Exhibition at the viewing deck and galleria (event map 1~4, 6)

    ・Selling original goods at the special store located on Floor 450.

    (event map 5)

    ・Selling collaborative cafe menu items at the Viewing Deck’s floor 340 “SKYTREE CAFÉ” (event map 7)

    ・”Lisa and Gaspard” greeting event (event map 8)

    Fee: Entrance fee of TOKYO SKYTREE observation deck


    ▶︎”Lisa and Gaspard” greeting

    Date: 2017,11,12 (Sun.), 19 (Sun.), 26 (Sun.), 12,3 (Sun.), 10 (Sun.), 17 (Sun.), 23 (Sat. / holiday), 24 (Sun.), 25 (Mon.)

    Date: 10:30/12:30/14:30/16:00 (four sessions / 20 minutes per session)

    Venue: TOKYO SKYTREE galleria event map 8

    Fee: free

    ※The time and venue might be changed without notice.


    ▶Gifts for the visitors

    Date: 2017,11,9 (Thurs.) to 12,25 (Mon.)

    ※The number of the gifts is limited

    Venue: TOKYO SKYTREE observation deck, galleria

    TOKYO SKY TREE official site:


  • Tokyo Skytree torn apart by giant Titan! Attack on Titan Collaboration Event: Infiltration Successful

    15.April.2017 | SPOT

    Tokyo’s new symbol Tokyo Skytree has teamed up with popular manga “Attack on Titan”, which has sold over 62 million copies and earned anime status. Save Skytree from the 350m class Titan, which attacked on Monday 10th April! The limited period event will close on Friday 14th June. The editorial department managed to infiltrate to gather more information and this is their final report on the situation!


     Tokyo Skytree

    Exit the elevator at the observation corridor and you will see the shocking face of the 350m class Titan! This realistic figure is bound to startle you – no doubt about it! This is also a magnificent photo spot to mark a memorable day…after all…it is could be your last….



    Proceed along the corridor to see the familiar characters of Eren, Armin and Mikasa – the army corps dispatched to investigate from the skies, desperate to minimise damage to the tower from the gigantic Titan. As the team engage in battle, you can see them using their 3D manoeuvring equipment to soar through the air. Don’t miss the exhibitions of famous scenes from the anime and listen to original dialogues that you can only hear at this Skytree collaboration event, and much more!!


    Observation corridor Floor 445

    Reach the turning point in the corridor to see the Sky Survey Corps directly confronting the 350m class titan in a large panorama. The gallant image of Eren, Mikasa and Armin manoeuvring in the sky to defeat the Titan will be forever imprinted in your memory!


    Tokyo Skytree’s highest point

    What awaits at Sorakara Point is the counter attack of the Sky Survey Corps. Eren has now transformed into a Titan, providing you with the perfect spot to take a photo with dynamic impact!



    Amongst these crazy exhibitions, reprinted original images of scenes from Attack on Titan season 2 are included. There is also a Titan-searching event running, in which you can also take part. This event is called “Kakure mobu kyojin wo sagase!”


    For the duration of the limited period only, the SKYTREE CAFÉ located on the viewing deck of floor 340 are providing an Attack on Titan-themed original menu. Each and every item on the menu is jam-packed with Attack on Titan-goodness. You will no doubt lose yourself to the wonderful presentation and taste of the meals and drinks on the menu.

    Suppress the giant Titan! Dissolving cotton candy soda ¥950

    Haah….not bad. Levi-approved Royal Milk Tea ¥750


    An original story anime “Attack on Skytree” will debut at SKYTREE ROUND THEATER®. This event is packed with unmissable collaboration features! This is your chance to enjoy a grand view of Tokyo elevated high in the sky along with Attack on Titan realistic imagery. Please come join in the fun!



     Save Skytree from the 350mclassTitan 『Attack on Titan』attack on SKYTREE®
    Limited period: Monday 10th April 〜 Friday 14th July 2017

    Venue: Within Tokyo Skytree
    Fee: Participation is free
    ※ Entrance fee to the viewing platform must be paid

    Special edition website:

    © Hajime Isayama・Kodansha/「Attack on Titan」Production Committee ©TOKYO-SKYTREE

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  • Sale of Gion Tsujiri’s cherry blossom themed matcha sweet treat ‘ohanami sofuto’ at Skytree Town, Solamachi !

    18.March.2016 | FOOD

    Well known for their delicious matcha sweets, Kyoto Gion Tsujiri will be sending their sweets made especially for the cherry blossom season to Tokyo Skytree Town! Look out for “Ohanami Sofuto” (Cherry blossom themed soft ice cream).


    Visit the Solamachi store to try this Spring limited edition sweet — a tower of uji matcha soft cream topped with sakura sweets and ohanami dango (Japanese rice flour dumplings).


    Beautifully coloured with the colours of spring, this is an irresistible treat for anyone who is a fan of Parfait! ‘ohanami sofuto’ will be sold from 16th March — 20th April, so come and try it!



    Gion Tsujiri Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi 
    Business hours:11:00~23:00 (Soft cream 21:45)
    Regular holidays:None
    Contact number:03-6658-5656

    Gion Tsujiri website:

    Tokyo Skytree Solamachi website: