Snoopy Fair Taking Place at Ginza Mitsukoshi Department Store

05.August.2018 | SPOT

Snoopy in Ginza 2018 is a popular event currently ongoing at Ginza Mitsukoshi. This year marks the event’s 20th anniversary, so the department store has been completely taken over by cute and happy Snoopy decorations.

At the entrance of the first floor you are greeted by Snoopy at the rest of the Peanuts posse celebrating the 20th run of the event. If you press the button at the counter, you’ll be able to hear the characters speak. This decorative area is around until August 7, so roll on up and join in the festivities!


There’s a fluffy Snoopy pillar on the third floor. And on the board next to it…

…is advertised the AR stamp rally! Simply install the app and get collecting those stamps. When collect all 6―which are scattered around Mitsukoshi―you’ll receive an original Ginza Mitsukoshi sticker. These are limited in quantity so you’d best be quick if you want one!

20th Anniversary Original Ginza Mitsukoshi Fans – Left: August 1 – August 7 / Right: August 8 – August 12


If you head on up to the seventh floor you can get your hands on exclusive Snoopy merch in collaboration with the department store. From August 1, the first 250 people each day until the event ends who spend over ¥7,000 including tax will receive an original Ginza Mitsukoshi fan as listed above to cool yourself off.

Snoopy & Friends Donuts @ Ikumimama no Doubutsu Donut! – ¥381 Each

Snoopy Cake @ Patisserie Etienne (15cm Diameter) – ¥4,536

Patisserie Etienne are selling an incredible Snoopy Cake. You have to reserve one in advance. They will be sold from August 10 to 12 with only 10 available each day. You can pick your ordered cake up from noon each day.

Also, depending on how many times you post the hashtag #おめでとうスヌーピーぎんみつと自慢のスヌーピーグッズ on Instagram you’ll have the chance to get an original illustration. Full details are on the special website below.

Snoopy is even on the receipts at select shops! Not only that, but Lucy from Peanuts will be doing the broadcasting in the department store, and you’ll even be able to meet Snoopy and the gang.


Don’t miss out on this year’s Snoopy in Ginza!


Snoopy in Ginza 2018
Location: Ginza Mitsukoshi 7F (4-6-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
Running: July 25, 2018 – August 12, 2018 (*Finishes at 6pm on August 12)
*Products are limited in quantity.© 2018 Peanuts Worldwide LLC