Fruit Warabi and Apple & Mango Warabi Mochi Soda Arrives at Souzen in Kyoto

07.August.2018 | FOOD

Kushi Warabi is a popular skewered bracken starch mochi souvenir sold in Kyoto. Souzen in Kyoto Station sells 1,000 boxes of it in a day. The shop is introducing a new fruit flavoured warabi on August 12.

These fruit warabi use methods that have not been used before when making warabi. They are thickened with fruits and fruit puree like mango and grapefruit and also mixed with fresh fruit juice to bring out the whole flavour of the fruits.

They come in four flavours: mango, pineapple, kiwi and grapefruit. They are bite-sized and chewy in texture, and when eaten fill your mouth with the fresh taste of fruit juice.

In the run up to their release, the Nishijin branch of the Souzen cafe will sell an apple and mango warabi mochi soda starting on August 4.

The beverage has two layers. The first layer is a refreshing transparent apple soda that contains sweet and sour chewy mochi. The second is a rich and fruity mango soda that’s bright orange like the sun.

Overcome the summer heat in Japan with these two new refreshing warabi mochi treats!



Fruit Warabi

Price: 1 Box = ¥378 (Tax Included)

On Sale: In Store August 16, 2018 (Online August 12, 2018

Available Branches: Kyoto Nishijin Daimaru Kyoto, CoCo Color KYOTO Kyoto Marui


Nishijin Branch Limited Edition

“Apple & Mango Warabi Mochi Soda”

Price: ¥810 (Tax Included)

On Sale: August 4, 2018

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