Wa-suta Collaborate With Spanish Duo Adexe & Nau in New Music Video ‘Yo Quiero Vivir en Japones’

07.August.2018 | MUSIC

Five-member idol group and promoters of Japanese kawaii culture Wa-suta have finally solidified their places as a world standard. The group teamed up with Spanish brother duo Adexe & Nau, who boast well over 2 billion views on YouTube, to release a collaborative track with music video titled Yo Quiero Vivir en Japones.


“Wa-suta” is an abbreviation of “The World Standard,” a name by which the group have pushed to stand on the world stage since their debut. It’s been four years since they formed, during which they have performed as idols not only in Japan but twelves times overseas at numerous Japanese cultural events where their cute cat ears and unique outfits they wear on stage have received much praise.


They have been particularly well-received in Asia including Thailand and Indonesia where they have given rise to many copy groups. Their international recognition is clearly spreading.

This collaboration came to be after it was decided that Wa-suta will be performing at Japan Weekend Madrid 2018 from September 29 to 30. Adexe & Nau became interested in the group after seeing the line-up and learning that they work to promote Japanese culture to the world, so they sent them an offer to join hands.

It is very rare for a Japanese artist to collaborate with a Spanish artist. Fans are anticipating whether or not the two artists will perform together on stage at Japan Weekend Madrid next month.

Group leader Nanase Hirokawa commented, “This is a first for Wa-suta. We’ve made a music video on an enormous scale with the help of all the extras! The symbolic locations of Japan and the high school girls dressed in their uniforms dancing together is a sight to see!


Member Ruka Mishina also commented, “I was shocked when I heard we’d be getting to collaborate with the Spanish artists Adexe & Nau. I’m honestly so happy ^^ Real world music! I’ll be glad if lots of people enjoy listening to it!

Wa-suta have dubbed 2018 their “Wonderful Year.” They will no doubt be spreading their wings across the globe and dropping more news for us in the near future.


Wasuta (The World Standard)



Adexe & Nau