All-Day Puro Halloween Party to Begin at Sanrio Puroland on September 14

30.August.2018 | SPOT

The annual autumn-time event at Sanrio Puroland ‘Puro Halloween Party’ will take place at the indoor theme park from September 14 to October 31.


The theme this year is ‘Halloween Rock.’ It promises to be bigger and better than last year’s event. A whole cast of Sanrio characters will make an appearance, including Cinnamoroll and friends.

The event will be split into two parts this halloween: DAY TIME ~Party People Time~ and NIGHT TIME ~Horror People Time~.

During the daytime, you can look forward to the attractions taking on a Halloween theme, and the Sanrio cast dressed up in Halloween costumes.

Amongst the attractions taking on a spooky theme this year is the Sanrio character boat ride which will be decked out in pumpkins, clowns and other little Halloween decorations.

The third floor Rainbow Hall will also be home to a Halloween photo spot that’ll make it look like you’re being gobbled up by a pumpkin!

And for kids only, there will be a trick-or-treat greeting event with the fluffy purple kitten character Mewkledreamy. Maybe they’ll get some candy from Mew…? All the characters will be dressed up super cute so be sure to meet them all.

When it turns to nighttime, several new themed attractions will open their creaky doors to the public, all of which you cannot run away from. This includes the Kurayami no Sanrio Character Boat Ride in the dark, the Ghost Pierrot Sneaking Horror House, and more. Sanrio are teaming up with Obaken, a horror attraction in Tokyo that offers top class scares and incorporates an escape element with varying difficulty levels. People of all ages can look forward to some real scares!

Opening the night part of the event will be the Halloween Rock Live Parade, a brand new parade running for this event only.

There will of course be a food menu perfect for Halloween-time too. Pick from the cute daytime menu or the spooky nighttime menu.

So that guests can enjoy the Halloween party even more, those who attend the event dressed up in a full costume will be able to buy a discounted passport ticket.


Enjoy your Halloween this year at Sanrio Puroland!



Sanrio Puroland

Address: 1-31 Ochiai, Tama, Tokyo

Opening Hours:

TEL: 042-339-1111



Puroland Halloween Party

Running: September 14, 2018 – October 31, 2018




DAY TIME ~Party People Time~

Open from opening time to 3:30pm on weekdays and to 4:30pm on holidays.

NIGHT TIME ~Horror People Time~

Open until closing time from 3:30pm on weekdays and from 4:30pm on holidays.

*Park open until 6:00pm on weekdays during Halloween.

*Times subject to change.


Halloween Discount

Running: September 14, 2018 – October 31, 2018

Passport Discount Prices: Weekdays & Holidays – Parent & Child ¥2,500 (¥1,500 on weekdays from 2:00pm and on holidays from 3:00pm)

Conditions: Take the discount ticket from the Puroland homepage (printed or shown on your phone screen) and attend in full costume.

*The discount is available to those in full costumes only. Not applicable to those in simple dress-up such as only face paint, a cloak and other single items.

Discount Page:

*Please check the full details and conditions for wearing costumes.


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