Halloween desserts and mascaraed parade! This year’s Halloween events at Roppongi Hills

01.October.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

The annual event, “ROPPONGI HILLS HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2018” where visitors can enjoy foods and services related to Halloween, will be held at Roppongi Hills from October 11th (Thurs.) to 31st (Wed.) 2018.


Many kinds of unique and fun “Halloween-limited events” will be held at Roppongi Hills. This year, various menu items including items where you can change the taste by pouring a blood-looking sauce over it and delicious, photogenic items can be enjoyed.


Since the Tokyo International Film Festival is held on October 27th (Sat.), right before Halloween, a Halloween parade using the motifs of movie characters will be held in Roppongi. Also, you can enjoy many kinds of contents including a nail make up service and a stamp rally.


Roppongi Hills Halloween Parade ~Let’s dress up like movie characters and join the parade~

The 16th “Halloween Parade” was held last year with about 3,000 participants. Because the Tokyo International Film Festival is held in Roppongi and it is known as the “city of movies” where many Japan premiers are held, the theme of the parade is “movies.” Both children and adults will get dressed up as movie characters and join the parade. The parade, led by a brass band playing Halloween music, will depart from Roppongi Hills Arena and walk for about 25 minutes (1km). Children who join the parade can get some snacks.


Venue: Roppongi Hills Arena

Date: October, 27th (Sat.) 10:30 to 13:30 (plan)

Eligibility for participants: persons who are dressed up as a movie character can participate in the parade

Participation method: October 27th (Sat.) 9:45 to 13:00 ※Roppongi Hills Arena is the registration venue.

Participation fee: free

TEL: 03-6406-6000(Roppongi Hills Conclusive Information)


※Persons who have registered during the registration hours (9:45 to 13:00) can join the parade. Advanced registration is not necessary.

※Each group will consist of 200 persons and will start walking at different times.

※The parade will finish in about 25 minutes.

※Please note that you might have to wait for a while before the parade starts.

※All children must be accompanied with their parents or guardians (parents or guardians don’t have to wear a costume)

※Please note that changing rooms and baggage compartments are not available.

※The event will be canceled depending on weather conditions.


Halloween Kids Stamp Rally

This is a service where you can collect stamps at six stores (out of 21 stores) located inside Roppongi Hills. A stamp card can be obtained at “Roppongi Hills Information Center” located inside Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 2F. A specially made soft-served ice cream will be offered at “Grand Food Hall” which was opened in Hill Side B2F on September 13th.


Venue: Participating stores located inside Roppongi Hills

Date: October, 21st (Sun.), 27th (Sat.), 28th (Sun.) 12:00~ ※The event will be finished when it reaches a fixed number.

Qualifying age: over 12 ※A parent/guardian must accompany the child

Stores: Uchino Touch (West Walk 4F), Cole Haan (Hill Side B1F), SABON (West Walk 4F), Dogs Care Joker (Hill Side B1F), BorneLund (Hill Side B2F), United Arrows Roppongi (West Walk 2F) etc.

※Numbered tickets will be distributed from 11:00 at Roppongi Hills Information Center

※Please note that the number of stamp sheets and prizes is limited.


Halloween-limited menu items ~Photogenic menu items which are too good for eating and menu items that you can change the flavor of, will be sold.

Unique and fun “Halloween-limited menu items” are now recognized as the seasonal tradition of Roppongi Hills. Delicious and photogenic menu items will be sold from October 11th to October 31st (Wed.). Let’s enjoy these menu items which will make you want to take photos of them.

“Jack-o’-lantern” \1,800 (eggcellent) 15 dishes per day

A monster-size item that comes with 10 slices of originally selected chewy pancakes that contain purple potato. You can enjoy two flavors by cutting it into half and pouring a chocolate sauce over it. It is recommended that you share it with several persons.

 “Obake no Apple Pie” 1,200 yen (TUSK)

This item is a pumpkin face made with pie dough that boosts the atmosphere of Halloween. Cold caramel ice cream is placed on top of the hot apple pie so you can enjoy both crispy and soft textures at the same time. The look of the menu item becomes bloody and gory when you pour the red berry sauce over it. Let’s take a video of it!

 “Halloween Burger Set” \1,680 yen (Park 6 Powered by bondolfi boncaffe) 15 dishes per day

A charming ghost hamburger that comes with fangs and a tongue made with cheese and buns grilled using bamboo charcoal. The menu comes with potato, ketchup and a drink.

Halloween Cup Cake 2018” \604/one piece (LOLA’S Cupcakes Tokyo)

5 kinds of photogenic cupcakes.  A pumpkin, skull, ghost and monster are turned into cupcakes! These items are suitable to be bought as a gift♡

“Pumpkin Aragosta” \650 yen (Park 6 Powered by bondolfi boncaffe) 15 dishes per day

The Halloween version of PARK 6’s original hybrid dessert “Aragosta Soft” will be sold! A new type soft served ice cream which you can eat using just one hand. This item is very photogenic.



Roppongi Hills Observation Deck Tokyo View City ~enjoy the Halloween sky at a venue 250m above sea level~

Tokyo City View which is located on 52F of MoriTower will provide special contents from October 11th (Thurs.) to 31st (Wed.). The contents include a coupon service where persons wearing costumes can receive a Halloween-limited afternoon tea. Let’s enjoy the “Halloween sky!”


Venue: Roppongi Hills Observation Deck Tokyo City View

Period: 2018 October 11th (Thurs.) to 31st (Wed.)

Time: 10:00 to 23:00 (last entrance 22:30) the venue will be opened until 25:00 on Friday, Saturday and the day before a holiday (last entrance 24:00)

※The business hours of the sky deck is 11:00 to 20:00 (last entrance 19:30)

Entrance fee – observation deck: adult \1,800, students (high school, college/university students) \1,200, children (4 years old to junior high school) \600, seniors (over 65) \1,500

Entrance fee – sky deck: additional fee (\500 – adults, \300 4 years old to junior high school) must be paid in addition to the entrance fee.  

※All prices noted above include tax

※Children below elementary school must be accompanied by their parents or guardian.


Let’s wear a costume and go to the observation deck! Entrance fee discount service.

A campaign where persons wearing a costume can get a 50% discount (entrance fee) will be held! You can enjoy a fantastic time at the observation deck. Children below elementary school can enter the venue for free. Let’s have a wonderful time with your family or friends.


Why not enjoy Roppongi Hills over the three week period when Roppongi Hills and Tokyo are filled with a Halloween mood?