Tokyo DisneySea 15th anniversary “The Year of the Wish” limited menu will be out on sale from April 11!

11.April.2016 | FOOD / SPOT

Tokyo Disney Sea throw a huge feast for celebrating the opening of the park 15th anniversary on the theme of “Wish”, from April 15(Fri) until March 17(Fri) up to 337 days, the anniversary event is to grandly celebrate  Tokyo Disney Sea 15th anniversary called  “The Year of the Wish”.

The Colorful “Wish Crystal” symbolizes the theme of 15th anniversary “Wish” and sparkle everywhere in the Park, Mickey Mouse and his friends will also be appeared wearing each of the Wish Crystal.


In restaurants a special limited menu of 15 anniversary representing the Disney pals and color of each of Wish Crystal, pre-sale starts from April 11(Mon).

It will be selling like Mickey Mouse in “Cafe Portofino”, in “New York deli” Minnie Mouse, “Casbah Food Court” in Donald Duck, in the “Yucatan Base Camp Grill” Pluto, “Vorukeinia Restaurant” in Goofy. Restaurants have special menu that have image of each characters.

In addition, there are menus such comes along with souvenir which is designed Mickey Mouse wearing “Wish Crystal”, we can enjoy variety of menu related to “Wish”.

Let’s go on an adventurous journey to Tokyo Disney Sea 15th anniversary that has been decorated with colorful beautiful Crystal!



-Tokyo Disney Sea 15th anniversary of “The Year of the Wish”

TIME: April 15, 2016 (Fri) – March 17, 2017 (Fri)

<Special menu>


-Mickey Mouse image

Special set 2,180 yen

  Sales period: April 12, 2016 (Tue) to August 31 (Wed.)

-Minnie Mouse image

Special set 1,150 yen

Special set, with souvenir lunch case 2,020 yen

  Sales period: April 11, 2016 (Mon) – August 31 (Wed.)

-Donald Duck image

Special set 1,580 yen

  Sales period: April 11, 2016 (Mon) – August 31 (Wed.)


-Pluto image

Special set 1,580 yen

  Sales period: April 11, 2016 (Mon) to June 30 (Thurs)


-Goofy image

Dim Sum three types (seafood in La buns, meat buns, tinsel shaomai) 450 yen

  Sales period: April 11, 2016 (Mon) – September 30 (Fri.)

Creamy custard, 850 yen with a souvenir cup

  Sales period: April 11, 2016 (Mon) – 2017 March 17 (Fri)

Popcorn, 2,000 yen with a bucket

  Sales period: April 11, 2016 (Mon) – 2017 March 17 (Fri)

Chocolate cake, with a souvenir plate 750 yen

  Sales period: April 11, 2016 (Mon) – 2017 March 17 (Fri)

※Content and price may subject to change or out of stock.


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