Tokyo DisneySea’s Fun and Adorable Usa-Piyo Easter Show

09.April.2019 | FEATURES / SPOT

Every year, Tokyo DisneySea puts on a brand new live show. This year, it is holding an Easter-themed show starring the LINE sticker character Usa-Piyo who is a chicken with rabbit ears.


The performance takes place in the lake in the middle of the park. This was my first time seeing Usa-Piyo. He has a somewhat strange appearance about him. I wondered to myself how he will act in the show.

The show began with a dance performance followed by the arrival of a boat with Disney characters on board.

Where else better to see a show on the water than at Tokyo DisneySea?


As the boat rolled on by the eggs on board all of a sudden hatched to reveal lots of Usa-Piyo. This means guests can see him from wherever they’re standing. It’s so cute seeing so many of them bunched together♡

Usa-Piyo joined the dancers, Mickey and other cast members to celebrate Easter but since he was only just born he wasn’t too good at it! Seeing him like that is just too adorable, you can’t help but cheer him on.

Mickey and the cast spoiled Usa-Piyo with everything they had so we were pretty moonstruck by him. He’s so fluffy you just want to squeeze his cheeks, just seeing him filled us with happiness.

It was cute seeing him play with the other characters too.

By the end of the show everyone was captivated by Usa-Piyo!

There’s merchandise on sale too to get your own adorable pet Usa-Piyo for at home too♡