The Grand Opening of Delis Yokohama Designed by Kengo Kuma to Take Place on November 1

10.October.2018 | SPOT

Yokohama Station’s west exit is getting a new landmark: Delis Yokohama is a designer restaurant building that will hold its grand opening on November 1, 2018.

Yokohama Station is home to the largest number of train lines in Japan and hails as the busiest train station in Kanagawa Prefecture. Its convenience sees approximately 2.16 million passengers both Japanese and foreign use it every day making it a major hub for business and commerce.


There are currently major developments taking place around Yokohama Station in order to take Yokohama a leap forward into becoming an international city.

The Delis Yokohama Building will play the role of Yokohama’s next landmark location, taking in the flow of people from the pedestrian deck at Yokohama Station’s west exit. It will function as a nodal point between the bustling station and increase crowds in the surrounding area. By opening up the building to the city it will make it easier to attract more people.

The planning and design was conceived by Kengo Kuma, a Japanese architect active around the world who is also associated with building the New National Stadium for the 2020 Summer Olympics.


The entrance hall on the first floor will have a giant display filled with lots of different information. The outdoor staircase adds a visual interest to lure people into the building. By linking together with the surrounding area, Yokohama’s central area can develop even more.


The large-scale development work currently taking place around Yokohama Station includes building offices for global corporations and people associated with those businesses, as well as hotels and service apartments. A range of restaurants will also open in Delis Yokohama Building, serving traditional Japanese food like yakitori, teppanyaki and ageing beef to Italian cuisine. It aims to become Yokohama’s new hub for promoting food and culture.

The building’s exterior shines bright from the aluminium glazing arranged like a mosaic piece. By adding layer upon layer, the building transforms into one instantly recognisable, with its size making increasing its visibility. The aluminium also reflects the sky, light and surrounding environment too, giving it many different appearances throughout the day.


Plan a trip to Yokohama if you’re visiting Japan where they will be promoting culture in lots of different ways.