Charisma.com will be making their appearance at England’s largest Japanese culture event HYPER JAPAN!

HYPER JAPAN kicked off in 2010 and this year will mark their 10th to event invade England with Japanese culture!


HYPER JAPAN  still holds the crown as England’s biggest Japanese culture event showcasing many aspects of Japanese culture from anime, manga and cosplay to music, fashion, food, traditional culture, games and technology.


HYPER JAPAN isn’t just aimed at young Japanese pop culture fans, but also the food and traditional culture-loving seniors. HYPER JAPAN is a place to hang out with friends or bring the whole family! Being a large-scale event buzzing with enthusiasm, this event offers everybody the opportunity to fill themselves with tasty Japanese food and to indulge in the cultural experience.


Hyping up this year’s crowds with their surging energy will be Charisma.commaking a grand follow up to their  public performance at last year’s MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL in Paris. This will be their first ever performance in England!


Besides the live event there is plenty more to enjoy, such as Japanese food stands lined up in the food court, and, if you’re looking for some sophisticated tipsy-time, try stumbling over to the SAKE CORNER to try samples of Japanese wine! If wine doesn’t take your fancy and you’re more of a serious gamer, then battle through the crowds to the games corner which will completely satisfy your hungry gaming eyes…


If you’re looking for the best way to experience Japanese culture but you’re stuck in England, come to HYPER JAPAN! From Japanese traditional culture to modern day pop culture, there is so much to do and see, so don’t miss out!


Comments from Charisma.com

“Hello London! We hope that our performance at HYPER JAPAN gives you the opportunity to dance and scream off all your anger and frustration of everyday life. Through our music, we are sure to help you to meet others and share the charisma! Savour up all your stress and frustration so you can power the dance floor with us!




HYPER JAPAN Festival 2016
Event dates & times:Friday 15th July 2016 (12:00-20:00)
Saturday 16th (09:00-15:00)(1st session)(15:30-21:00)(2nd session)
Sunday 17th (09:00-18:00)
Venue:Olympia Grand   Hammersmith Road, Kensington, London W14 8UX

Official website:www.hyperjapan.co.uk