‘Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative’ Theme Song to be Performed by Hiroyuki Sawano & LiSA

18.October.2018 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

Hiroyuki Sawano is a Japanese musician and composer who has written soundtracks for a string of popular anime series including all three seasons of Attack on TitanKill la KillMobile Suit Gundam Unicorn and the upcoming anime film Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative. He is also set to perform his first ever overseas solo show at the Oriental Art Center in Shanghai on December 6, opening up opportunities for future global endeavours.

Sawano is also active as an artist under the name SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] under which he will perform the main theme song for Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative―for which he is also composing the music. This was announced at the “Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative ~Prelude to Narrative~” event held at Zepp DiverCity in promotion of the film which is set to drop on November 30.

Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative is the newest entry to the Gundam universe and written after the events of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn.

THe main theme song is titled narrative and will feature guest vocals from Japanese rock heroine LiSA who has drawn huge attention for her live performances both in Japan and overseas and regardless of whether she’s at an anime convention or not. Anticipation is high for this dream collaboration between two spearheads of the anime scene.

narrative will be released as a single on November 28―two days before the movie hits Japanese theatres. The song can be heard in the new trailer for the movie below.


The movie soundtrack by Sawano will also be released simultaneously on November 28.

Comment: Hiroyuki Sawano

I am honoured to not only be working on the music for Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative, but to also be performing the theme song as SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]. Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn was huge when I began the [nZk] project, so I was welled up with emotions in being able to produce new music once more for the Gundam series. And being able to do it with LiSA as the vocalist has brought about some fresh and very exciting music. I hope people will enjoy the song ‘narrative’ together with the epic world and story of Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative.


Comment: LiSA

This is the first time I have been given the kind opportunity to be a vocalist for Sawano’s vocal project SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]. I’m also very happy because in addition to being in a song by Sawano for the first time, it’s the first time I have been given the chance to sing a theme song for the Gundam series. ‘narrative’ is a grand ballad that has a real strength inside its transient sound. Please look forward to hearing it together with watching Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative.