Autumn Illuminations Arrive at Rinno-ji Temple’s Shoyo-en Japanese Garden in Nikko

27.October.2018 | SPOT

Rinno-ji Temple in Nikko is a recognised World Heritage Site that is home to the Shoyo-en, a Japanese-style garden famous for its autumn-time leaves. An all-new annual light-up event began running at the garden on October 25.


Shoyo-en was built in the early years of the Edo period as a garden for the head priest of Rinno-ji, a temple with a history spanning over 1250 years. Construction was completed during the Kan’ei period, but it has undergone numerous renovations and as a result has become famous as a garden where you can see changes across the whole Edo Period. It houses many species of tree including various types of Japanese maple.

An event commemorating the completion of the Tayuin, the mausoleum of Ieyasu, will also take place during the running of the illuminations.


Use this opportunity to visit a famous spot in Japan during autumn.