Tom and Jerry Limited Edition Pyjamas Made Designed by PEACH JOHN

02.November.2018 | FASHION

Japanese lingerie brand PEACH JOHN have teamed up with the internationally beloved animated series Tom and Jerry―which also maintains a popular following in Japan―to release a collaborative collection on October 31, 2018.


The line features a selection of unisex roomwear as well as men’s PJs all inspired by the slapstick comedy series.

The collection is available on PEACH JOHN’s official website, at branches and in their catalogue. Items bought from any of these places will be sent in an original Tom and Jerry pizza box. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis and make for a perfect gift to yourself or someone else.


Nap Raised Satin Embroidered Pyjamas: ¥7,980 (Pre-Tax) – Sizes: S/M, M/L  – Colour: Navy (Dots)

Satin Eye Mask: ¥1,980 (Pre-Tax) – Size: One Size – Colour: Navy

The pyjamas are a combination of a tailored collar shirt and straight pants made with nap raised warm satin. If you take a closer look at the dot designs you’ll see Jerry hiding behind them. The collection comes with a Tom eye mask made with the same material.

Nap Raised Flannel Embroidery Pyjamas: ¥6,980 (Pre-Tax) – Sizes: S/M, M/L  – Colours: Stripe / Graphic

Men’s Nap Raised Flannel Embroidery Pyjamas: ¥6,980 (Pre-Tax) – Sizes: S/M, M/L  – Colours: Stripe / Graphic

There’s also the classic flannel design pyjamas, with both sides using warm and fluffy nap raised flannel material. The cool colour combination stripe design features Jerry inside of Tom’s pizza about to be eaten while the vintage graphic design includes scenes of Jerry running from Tom.


This collection is a must-have for any Tom & Jerry fans out there.


  • PEACH JOHN Luxury New Collection Seduces This Valentine’s Day

    21.January.2021 | FASHION

    PEACH JOHN released their new Valentine’s Day collection on Wednesday (January 13) at PEACH JOHN stores and their online site in Japan. It’s also available to purchase in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan.

    Full of Love Bra Set | Sizes: B-D Cup, UB 70/75 | ¥3,980 (Before Tax)

    Amour Rose Bra Set | Sizes: BC-DE Cup, UB 70/75 | ¥3,980 (Before Tax)

    Love Fleur Camisole Set | Sizes: S/M, M/L | ¥3,980 (Before Tax)

    Bombast Cream Rich Set: ¥3,280 (Before Tax) | Peach John Hipurun Medicated White Cream Set: ¥2,280 (Before Tax) | Eros Beauty Body Milk Set ¥4,100 (Before Tax)

    Happy Lovers Love Power Charge Pyjama Set (S/M, M/L): ¥4,980 (Before Tax) | Men’s Happy Lovers Love Power Charge Pyjama Set (M/L): ¥5,680 (Before Tax)

    This line-up is a true luxurious treat for Valentine’s Day.

  • Peach John’s New Lingerie Set is Inspired by Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’

    31.May.2020 | FASHION

    Peach John introduced a new design to its “Kisho no Bra” lingerie line on May 27, 2020. The items in the line are inspired by famous paintings.

    The first collection to be released in the line hit shelves last year. The items look inspiration from Claude Monet, Alphonse Mucha, and Pieter Bruegel the Elder, and were a huge hit amongst buyers for their delicate lacework, prints, and colour variations.

    Kisho no Bra – Gogh Yellow: ¥3,980 (Before Tax) [Sizes: B-F Cup, UB 65/70/75]

    Kisho no Panties Song – Gogh Yellow: ¥1,480 (Before Tax) [Sizes: S, M, L]

    For the second entry to the line, Peach John are introducing a “Gogh Yellow” collection inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers. Vivid sunflowers have been embroidered into the lingerie items to recreate the delicate art piece.

    The bra and panties both maintain a feminine design while still conveying the wonder of the original artwork, making it an expression of both art and beauty.

  • Pokémon Clothing Collection Releasing This Spring From GiRLS by PEACH JOHN

    23.April.2020 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    GiRLS by PEACH JOHN has revealed its new Pokémon collection which is set to release on their official website and in select stores on May 7, 2020. Items include Peasy wireless bras, bra sets, lounge wear and more with cute Pokémon designs from familiar faces such as Pikachu, Eevee, Jigglypuff, Sylveon, and more.


    Product Line-Up

    Peasy 001 – ¥2,280 (Before Tax) | Sizes: S, M, L

    Pikachu Print Panties – ¥1,480 (Before Tax) | Sizes: M only

    The Peasy wireless bra and underwear features an adorable Pikachu print design with the popular Pokémon’s many different expressions.

    Rirakore Sylveon Lace Bralette Set – ¥2,980 (Before Tax) | Sizes: M, L

    Feel as beautiful as Sylveon with this lady-like bralette set.

    Morikore Flowers & Eevee Bra Set – ¥3,980 (Before Tax) | Sizes: Bra = B-F/65/70/75

    Eevee is embroidered into this cute bra set which is sure to please any girl.

    Jigglypuff’s Sleepy Pyjamas – ¥3,980 (Before Tax) | Sizes: M only

    Jigglypuff will help lull you sleep with this comfy pyjama set.

    Pokémon Icon Thermal Pyjamas – ¥3,980 (Before Tax) | Sizes: M only

    Snug thermal pyjamas that are comfy even on hot summer days. The set features tiny adorable Poké Balls.

    Pikachu Pouch – ¥1,980 (Before Tax) | Sizes: One Size

    A pouch plump like Pikachu which you can find many uses for.


    © 2020 Pokémon.
    © 1995 – 2020 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc.TM, ®, and character names are trademarks of Nintendo.

  • Add some spice to the Halloween masquerade party! “Cosplay Bras” of YUMMY MART are now on sale

    21.October.2017 | FASHION

    Peach John’s lingerie brand, “YUMMY MART” is selling “Cosplay Collection” to add some spice to the Halloween costume culture which is stuck in a rut. The lineup of the collection consists of decorated brassieres, panties, lingerie and bathing suits and there are more than 10 items available. Although each brassiere is created as a cosplay item, there are many sizes available and the fit of these items is comfortable. These items can be bought at the official online store, YUMMY MART and at concept shops.


    The standard cosplay item “Nurse”


    YM Bolero Nurse Strap Press Set / 5,980 yen (+tax)

    Size of the brassier (Cup B~D, under 65~75)

    A fetish set colored in red and white created based on the image of a nurse’s costume, a standard item of cosplay. The product comes with six items that are brassiere/panty which can be wore without using straps, head accessary, bolero, apron and porch.


    “Pink Poodle” is pink color-colored /dog lover’s will love this item


    YM Poodle Brassiere Set / 5,480 yen (+tax)

    Size of the brassier (Cup B~D, under 65~75)

    A set which combines the allurements of girls and poodles. The impact of the product is huge since it has many pompoms. The set comes with a cachucha, a velour choker and two bracelets.


    “Army” is recommended to those of you who like stylish costumes


    YM Army Brassier Set / 5,480 yen (+tax)

    Size of the brassier (cup B~D, under 65~75)

    A stylish set created under the theme of “army style” which many girls love. The perfect balance of the set which has a cool impression (camouflage pattern/khaki color) and cute impression (garter belt) is the sales point of this set. The set comes with five items including the hat, bolero and garter belt.


    Probably the most “Halloween-ish” set! The standard set “Maid”


    YM Maid Body Set / 5,480 yen (+tax)

    S/M, M/L

    “Maid” costume is the standard item of cosplay. Based on “Body,” and Western style clothes, the set includes items such as a cachucha, cuffs and an apron. The dark image of the set is suitable as a Halloween costume.


    “Bunny” which is recommended to persons who love lovely designed items


    YM My Bunny Body Set / 5,380 yen (+tax)

    S/M, M/L

    A less-revealing set which is recommended for beginners. This set comes with the same body as Maid, a mask using eco fur, a choker and a cute tail. The top of the body is high neck made with a rib and the set can be used in daily basis, not just during the Halloween season.


    A bathing suit!? Very cute “Tentomushi (ladybug)”


    YM Tentomushi Mizugi Set / 5,380 yen (+tax)

    Size of the brassier (Cup B~D, under 65-75)

    A cosplay set created under the theme of “ladybug.” You can become the leading figure at the party by wearing this set which comes with a cachucha with heart-shaped antennas and wings which can be attached to your shoulders. The set is made with swim wear material, so it can be used during the summer season as well. The set has a retro impression since it is a high-waist item and has a dot-pattern.


    Many cute items are available other than the items noted above! Let’s enjoy Halloween with lingerie which are different from your usual everyday lingerie!



    YUMMY MART official online store:


  • YUMMY MART to Release Clothing Collection in Collaboration With Adorable Looney Tunes Character “Porky Pig”

    12.August.2017 | FASHION

    Tokyo-based lingerie brand YUMMY MART are releasing a limited edition collection in collaboration with the internationally recognisable Looney Tunes character Porky Pig.

    There are 6 items of clothing in the collection ranging from lingerie, pajamas and more, all designed in the iconic colour of the pink Porky Pig. The collection will first go on sale at a concept shop in Harajuku on August 12th before becoming available online on August 16th at 14:00.


    The pajamas (¥5,980 + tax) are made from soft flannel meaning you can enjoy wearing them straight away from the start of autumn. The collar of the top is designed in the style of a sailor uniform while the bottoms are dotted Porky Pig faces. Super kawaii♡


    The bath robe (¥6,980 + tax) comes with ears and a tail attached! The fluffy material of this one makes it something you definitely want to put on after stepping out the bath or shower.


    This set comes with a tube bra and underwear with lovely frills (¥3,980 + tax).


    There’s also cute underwear featuring a design of Porky Pig and his girlfriend, Petunia pig (¥1,780 + tax).


    The slippers (¥2,680 + tax) come with ears attached and an adorable Porky Pig looking angry. Plus, they go right up to your ankles, so ensure you are fully protected from the cold.


    These are the kind of clothes that will make you forget about fatigue that comes with summer heat simply by wearing them. Don’t miss out on this charming collection from YUMMY MART!



    YUMMY MART Concept Shop

    Address: 6-6-9 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

    Open: 12:00-20:00 (Irregular Holidays)
    YUMMY MART Online Store:


    LOONEY TUNES and all related characters and elements © & ™ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s17)


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  • PEACH JOHN will start publishing “momo Life.” The magazine will reveal the real lifestyle of Rola who is always gathering attention on Instagram

    19.May.2017 | FASHION

    “PEACH JOHN,” a brand that is popular among young girls which sells cute and functional lingerie’s started publishing a magazine called “momo Life” from the 17th of May. “momo Life” offers information in order to improve girls’ quality of living. The magazine offers a lot of contents which can be only offered by a lifestyle introducing brands which sell not only lingerie’s but also fashion items, room wears, cosmetics, and chandleries.

    One of the remarkable contents in this magazine is, “BEAUTIFUL LIFE IN ROLA” – Rola / Ten things to do in order live a happy life.

    The interview is divided into ten topics about Rola who is always glittering and adding her charm. The interview is about “LOVE.” Any girl (not just her fans) can feel sympathy with the content of the interview which reveals Rola’s real lifestyle.

    The following is an abstract from the contents.

     “I’m not focusing on getting married now because I’m busy doing my work. I don’t know what an ideal couple would be. But one thing I can say is that I’m looking forward to meeting a partner in the future who I can respect and I want that respect to be mutual. I don’t know who I’m going to meet in the future but I want to polish myself always and make sure that I don’t miss a wonderful encounter.”

     “You shouldn’t be thinking ‘Well, I guess I will meet somebody that I love in the future, so who cares.’ We shouldn’t be passive, otherwise we might miss the chance to meet someone special.”

     “So, I’m always curious about connecting with new people. Therefore, I try to accept my friends’ coaxing me to come along to some outing.  I’m sure that somebody that I like or somebody that is charming will lead me to something new.”

     (“momo Life”P.4~5 Rola / Ten things to do in order to live a happy life – Abstract from the main text.)

    The rest of the interview can be seen on the website of “momo Life” in a few days! “momo Life” vol.1 can be purchased at all PEACH JOHN stores throughout Japan. Don’t miss the magazine which is a BOOK-in-BOOK of the latest catalog of the summer season “PEACH JOHN 2017 Summer Vol.101!”


    『momo Life』WEB:


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  • Enjoy Halloween from your very own bedroom with these roomwear outfits from PEACH JOHN!

    30.September.2016 | FASHION

    Lingerie brand PEACH JOHN have spooked up some Halloween themed roomwear and slippers for this year’s Halloween. The outfits are perfect for the spooky season and can be worn anywhere and anytime, from lounging around in your house to creeping around the streets of town.


    The monster parker below is a warm, fluffy hoody, perfect for the cold days of October. If you put the hood up, not only will you be warm but you’ll turn into a monster too! The warm slippers, too, will complete your look. If creepy isn’t your style, then we recommend the cute mini cat one-piece that comes with cat ears. This too can be worn indoors or out. Get your hands on one of these new items from PEACH JOHN and have fun Halloween!

    PEACH JOHN Halloween Site:

    PEACH JOHN Official Account: @peachjohn_official


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  • Watch PEACH JOHN’s temptingly delicious and cute lingerie commercial ♡

    27.August.2016 | FASHION

    PEACH JOHN have finished their new Autumn TV commercial “Autumn dolce”, which adds a touch of Autumn essence into an every day scene to create a vivid reminder of the “Autumn appetite”.



    Supermodel Lindsey Wixson modelled with delicious looking sweets and desserts ー literally as the icing on the cake as looking the new video reveals that she is actually part of the topping of the desserts. From the start to the end of the video, you won’t be able to take your eyes off her for one moment! The desserts create a fascinating and luxurious feeling to compliment the 6 varieties of trendy lingerie. There is no doubt that you will sense a cute and girly feeling by watching this video!


    Furthermore, in addition to the advert, you can also watch a short video revealing the making of the commercial, where Lindsey Wixson disguises herself in the 12 varieties of desserts. You can watch the Autumn Dolce commercial and the making of the commercial at PEACH JOHN’s official website. ( )

    d9170-40-675445-7 (1)



    Official site: 「Autumn dolce special site」:

    「PEACH JOHN 2016 Autumn vol.98」 (Published in the catalogue on Wednesday 24th August)

    Online store: PEACH JOHN online store


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  • Japanese lingerie maker Peach John charms us with line of Alice in Wonderland themed loungewear

    21.June.2016 | FASHION

    Now you can relax in comfortable loungewear while feeling like you’re inAlice’s Wonderland!!

    If you’re looking for at-home clothes that you can relax in but still feel excited about, then Japanese lingerie maker Peach John‘s new Alice in Wonderland Collection may be what you need.

    The limited edition loungewear collection, which will be released on June 22 as a tie-in with the much-anticipated movie Alice Through the Looking Glass (which won’t come out in Japan until July 1, incidentally — darn those Japanese film distribution companies again!), seems to mix fashion and comfort effectively with a good dose of the bright colors and elements of fantasy associated with the Alice in Wonderland stories.