‘Onegai My Melody Café’ to Open in Ikebukuro

09.November.2018 | FOOD

The popular anime series Onegai My Melody produced by Studio Comet and based on Sanrio’s popular character My Melody is getting its own themed café that will hit Dining Park Ikebukuro on November 13, 2018 and run to January 31, 2019. Dining Park Ikebukuro is located on the 8th floor of Seibu Ikebukuro which is just outside Ikebukuro Station’s east exit.


The café menu will bring to life the fantastic world painted by the unique characters in the series.

Hiiragi-shama Loving Kuromi Omurice: ¥1,490 (Pre-Tax)

This omurice is based on My Melody’s rival Kuromi. The pitch-black colour comes from the squid ink in the tamagoyaki that contains squid. Her face is made from bread made with cheese sauce, creating an additional layer of flavour.

Usamimi Kamen’s Dark Power Curry: ¥1,290 (Pre-Tax)

This eye-catching dish is a mild black-coloured curry packed with plenty of minced meat. Keiichi Hiiragi transforms into Usamimi Kamen (Rabbit Ear Mask) in the series. His face is recreated in this dish and made from who sliced cheese, a wafer cakes and rice.

Pink Justice! Usamimi Kamen Cup Parfait: ¥1,190 (Pre-Tax)

This cute dessert contains layers of sponge cake, strawberry sauce and other goodies to create a trifle in a cup. Crowning the top is a strawberry ice cream Usamimi Kamen. Surrounding him is a bed of white chocolate and silver dragees for extra sparkle.

My Melody’s Melody Takt Strawberry Milk: ¥890 (Pre-Tax)

This strawberry-based beverage is inspired by the Melody Takt, a weapon used by My Melody to defeat Kuromi and her nightmare magic.

Customers who dine at the café will receive one each of the above lunch mat and card calendar.

Those who order a drink will also receive the above Usamimi Kamen coaster. All of these items will discontinue once all have been given out so be sure to visit the café quick.

A range of other exclusive and original merchandise will also be sold including t-shirts, a lunch bag and more.


The café will feature illustrations of characters in the series drawn in the style of American comic books. Dive into the world of Onegai My Melody at the official café!