Concert Review: BAND-MAID’s First US Solo Show a Huge Success, New Single Announced

12.November.2018 | MUSIC

BAND-MAID held their first-ever US serving at Los Angeles’ Lodge Room on November 9. The sold-out show was a roaring success. The band also announced a yet-to-be titled new single to be released alongside their already-announced new single glory on January 16, 2019.

BAND-MAID previously performed in the US for the first time at SAKURA-CON in San Francisco in April 2016 to a crowd of almost 3,000, but this was their first real solo concert.

Roaring cheers from the masters and princesses in the crowd welcomed BAND-MAID onto the stage, letting them know they were ready for their serving.

The cheers were subsequently almost muted by the piercing sound of Kanami’s guitar. BAND-MAID marked their territory and status by starting with DOMINATION, the theme of this World Domination Tour.

What followed was a string of aggressive tracks, including Play and the non-fiction days, which showcased the true performance skills of each member. Even they had surprised looks on their faces during the 7th song Thrill in reaction to the crowd’s heated excitement.

The excitement between the crowd and the members continued to build as a sense of unity wrapped around the room – with everyone rocking out to the first set list of BAND-MAID’s first US solo show.

“Welcome home, Masters and Princesses of Los Angeles,” vocalist and guitarist Miku Kobato begun in Japanese. “Welcome to BAND-MAID’s serving!” The crowd joined in with saying her favourite phrases, “Kuruppo,” which is the sound a pigeon makes, and in this case a rock ‘n’ roll pigeon.


Towards the end of the serving, Kobato did the band’s signature Omajinai Time―a section of the concert performed at every show―which consists of call-and-response with the crowd of the phrases “Moe Moe” and “Kyun Kyun.” The band kicked it up a gear as they sprinted towards the final act.

The 20 song set-list concluded with the band’s internationally popular hit track Choose me and a very satisfied American crowd. They also officially announced a new 2-track single to be released simultaneously with their upcoming new song glory on January 16, 2019. The song titles have yet to be revealed.

BAND-MAID have 6 more concerts left overseas before heading home for the Japan leg of their world tour. The tour will finish with two days at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST in Tokyo on January 11 and 12 next year.


With their tour finale and two new singles set for 2019, BAND-MAID’s quest for world domination is imminent.

Bonus tracks for the upcoming singles have also been announced for Japan. Select stores and online stores will offer acoustic versions of the track when you purchase either single. Other stores will include an instrumental version of onset (which they are performing live) when you purchase both singles.


There’s a total of 7 songs to look forward to with glory and the yet-to-be-announced single, so be sure to check them out.