Bungu Joshi Haku 2018: Japan’s Biggest Stationery Festival Set for December

25.November.2018 | SPOT

Stationery lovers rejoice: Bungu Joshi Haku is set to return this year for a three-day festival from December 14 to 16.


Last year’s event―which was its first run―saw 25,000 people in attendance across the three-day period. This year promises to be bigger and better for all enthusiasts of pens, paper and pencils. It will take place at Tokyo Ryutsu Center which is a venue two times bigger than last year’s – and this means double the stationery too!


Stationery PINS Collection: ¥400 each

123 stationery companies will join this year’s festival, which is 1.5 times more than last year, to showcase a line-up of 50,000 items.

Bungu Joshi Haku Handsome Man Sticky Notes: ¥464

A selection of limited edition items will also be sold, including sticky notes of ikemen or ‘handsome guys’ which are available only at the festival, as well as fluorescent twin pens by Kuretake with which you can combine your favourite colours.

Drink, a lemonade juice bar located on the first floor of Itoya in Ginza, will also set up a shop in collaboration with the event. The menu includes Drink’s most popular fresh lemonade beverage as well as two special and exclusive beverages available at this festival only. The drinks are black and pink coloured and themed on certain stationery equipment.

The stationery award will also return this year where attendees cast votes to win lots of prizes. Of course, this year’s selection is even bigger than last year’s. Announcements will be held on the final day. Those who vote will receive an original seal. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Voters will also be placed into a lottery system to win a set of prizes.


If you love stationery equipment then you won’t want to miss out on Bungu Joshi Haku 2018!