Japanese Washi Paper & Tape Event Arriving at Matsuya Ginza

20.February.2019 | FASHION

Matsuya Ginza has announced a stationery event centred around Japanese paper that will run from March 13 to 20 this year.


The event will bring together over 50 creators, brands and specialist stores to sell close to 5,000 items including exclusive stationery and new items.

Hugely popular masking tape brand mt is set to attend the event where they will sell new tape with exclusive designs, wrapping paper and more.

Stationery lovers can also look forward to getting involved in the all-you-can-buy paper sale held by the popular Yamamoto Paper..

Japanese writer and “King of Stationery” Masayuki Takabatake will host a talk show on March 16 and 17. There will also be workshops held and more so you can look forward to getting involved in all things stationery-related.

A special stamp rally is also being held at four stationery shops in Ginza to promote the event: Ginza Itoya, Ginza LOFT, Tokyu Hands and Kyukyodo.


Lovers of Japanese washi paper can’t afford to miss out on this exciting event.