PLUSTOKYO: Ginza’s New Concept Club and Bar With Drinks and Music

27.November.2018 | SPOT

Ginza’s new and biggest music lounge PLUSTOYKO will hold its grand opening on November 27. It’s located on the top floor of Kirarito, a 12-storey shopping complex in Ginza.

A painting of Mount Fuji by a bath house mural painter oversees the main floor

The gallery is lined with plenty of art for guests to enjoy


PLUSTOKYO combines elements of art, food and entertainment with music. It houses a club as well as a cafe/bar and art gallery. It offers a social space for adults to come together and have fun in a completely new kind of way.

There are three bars at PLUSTOKYO each with different concepts where customers can enjoy drinks and great music. The 30 meter counter at the entrance is made of asphalt and made to look like a road.

Order a cocktail, glass of wine or other alcoholic beverage of your choice―or even coffee―and sit back while enjoying the sights of Ginza through the glass.

The second bar is the POPBAR which will collaborate with a range of different companies to sell limited edition drinks. The first “pop-up bar” to celebrate the opening of PLUSTOKYO is by twelv, a Japanese alcohol shop in Nishi-Azabu. who are offering a special curtation of beverages. The bar is also collaborating with electronic smoking brand IQOS where guests can smoke their devices.

Mixology Spirits Bang (k) will make a special appearance to serve select drinks, the 6th store of Code Name Mixology Group that uses craft spirits from Japan as their main ingredient.

Guests can enjoy a sophisticated adult experience while enjoying Japan-made whisky―which has grown in popularity in recent years―as well as the best craft gin of today from Japan.

Reach the rooftop from the 12th floor staircase


Japan’s first-ever outdoor club that runs into the morning will adorn the rooftop of PLUSTOKYO.

Atop the roof you can see Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree. In Spring, a merry-go-round will even be set up. BBQs will also run from Spring through Autumn.

The back of the Mount Fuji painting on the main floor is red

ROSE: The pinked-out room


PLUSTOKYO, which has been much talked about in recent weeks, is finally about to open as an all-new night spot in Ginza. If you’re looking to enjoy a night out in Ginza then be sure to check it out.


Writer: Yuki Yokoo

Photographer: Haruka Yamamoto / PLUSTOKYO Official Photos