RADWIMPS Digitally Release New Songs & Announce Collaborative Cafe and Concert Screening

29.November.2018 | MUSIC

The new album ANTI ANTI GENERATION by RADWIMPS will drop on December 12. Two songs from the album have been released on major digital music platforms including iTunes. The songs are Sokkenai which is getting much attention for its music video and IKIJIBIKI which features guest vocals from ONE OK ROCK singer Taka. Pre-orders for the album are also now open on iTunes.

It has also been announced that the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release of the band’s Road to Catharsis Tour 2018 will be screened in 9 theatres across Japan on December 7. The loud cinema surround sound will emulate the live experience and people will be able to stand and sing just like at a real show.


RADNIGHT is also set to take place in Tokyo and Osaka. This DJ event focuses entirely on RADWIMPS’ music. Spinning the decks in Osaka will be Kentarō Ochiai and in Tokyo Hiroaki Asai.


A collaborative cafe called Ra Ri Ru Record Cafe will be run by the band’s official record shop Ra Ri Ru Records in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. Fans will get to see exclusive posters and there will be a special selection of food available. Novelties will be handed out including coasters and lunch mats and original merchandise will be sold including mugs, pens and more.


Together with the already-announced RADWIMPS photo exhibition, December is looking to be a busy month for the band.