Grab LE SHINER’s Rainbow Cheese Dog and Go Shopping in Harajuku

06.December.2018 | FOOD

Hi, everyone. It’s Midori, editor at MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON.


Cheese dogs are a really popular dessert right now! There’s a lot of different kinds being sold today, especially in Japan’s biggest Korean Town area Shin-Ōkubo.


A version that stands out from all the rest however is the rainbow cheese dog. Did you know you can get them in Harajuku? Let’s take a look!


The much talked-about store we are visiting is LE SHINER known for selling rainbow coloured food in Harajuku. It’s right beside Takeshita Street.

To get there, take the Takeshita Exit from Harajuku Station. Make your way to the centre of Takeshita Street and take the street just before Cute Cube Harajuku. It’s one on the corner of the ZAKUZAKU ice cream shop.


Head down there and you’ll be met by this cute and colourful store! The shop decorations and decor change from time to time.

As well as cheese dogs, their menu includes rainbow cheese toast, rainbow drinks and other vibrant goodies.

I went ahead and ordered the rainbow cheese dog!

The guy at the window gave me my number so I waited to be called out.


After waiting a short while…

I got my rainbow cheese dog!

The rainbow sauce is super cute!

The side is coated in sugar.

When you take a bite you can see all of the colourful cheese!

It’s fun seeing the colours change as you take more and more bites. Even though it’s so colourful it tastes just like normal cheese!


It doesn’t come with a tray so it’s the perfect Harajuku treat to walk around with and enjoy.


If you’re in Harajuku why not pick one up yourself before heading out to do some shopping?