Universal Studios Japan Announces ‘Sing’ Attraction & New Illumination Theater

08.December.2018 | SPOT

Universal Studios Japan has revealed it will open a new musical attraction in spring 2019 called ‘Sing On Tour’ based on the hit movie Sing (2016) produced by Illumination Entertainment.


The 2D characters from the hit musical will come to life to give a fiery performance of lots of famous songs. It will take place in the world’s first Illumination Theater which is being co-developed by USJ and Illumination Entertainment.


The story of the attraction begins with the film’s koala and theater owner Buster Moon premiering the new international music show ‘Sing On Tour’ in Japan.


Prepare to be thrown into an immersive world of musical entertainment next spring.


  • Minions Set to Bring a Yellow Christmas to Universal Studios Japan

    08.November.2018 | SPOT

    Universal Studios Japan have added a new daytime program titled Yellow Christmas to its upcoming winter event Universal Wonder Christmas.


    The main event of Yellow Christmas will see the cheeky minions come together for the Minion Hacha Mecha Christmas Party which anybody can have fun joining in with.

    This party promises to be bigger, better and crazier than last year’s hugely successful run. Expect to see Minions donning Christmas attire as well as appearances from Gru and Santa Claus. Yellow balloons will float across the event and many bubbles will be blown as everyone comes together for festive merry making. For the event finale Minion-yellow confetti will fly across the whole area.


    Christmas decorations will also line the Minion Park for the first time since its opening. You can expect to see the yellow mischief makers helping put up decorations and enjoying the Christmas of their lives. The decorations will give rise to a completely new kind of Christmas aesthetic from the usual red and green combination.

    Wave to Gru and the Minions as they come to greet guests for the Minion Christmas Greeting with Gru.


    Get involved in the festivity with the Minions at USJ!

  • Christmas 2018 at Universal Studios Japan, Sanrio Puroland & Tokyo Disney Resort

    20.November.2018 | FEATURES / SPOT

    Universal Studios Japan, Sanrio Puroland and Tokyo Disney Resort are packed full of Christmas events for this year’s holiday season. Let’s take a look at what’s going on at each park right now.


    Universal Studios Japan – “Universal Wonder Christmas”

    Universal Studios Japan has added a new daytime program titled Yellow Christmas to its “Universal Wonder Christmas” winter event which is running until January 6, 2019.

    The main event of Yellow Christmas is seeing the cheeky Minions from the Despicable Me film franchise come together for the Minion Hacha Mecha Christmas Party. This party is bigger, better and crazier than last year’s hugely successful run. Expect to see Minions donning Christmas attire as well as appearances from Gru and Santa Claus. Yellow balloons float across the event and bubbles are blown as everyone comes together for festive merry making. The event finale sees Minion-yellow confetti shoot across the whole area. The decorations give rise to a completely new kind of Christmas aesthetic from the usual red and green combination. Embrace your inner Minion!



    Meccha Minion! Yellow Christmas

    Running: November 9, 2018 – January 6, 2019

    Location: Universal Studios Japan

    Event Page: https://www.usj.co.jp/christmas2018/minion/


    Sanrio Puroland – “Puro Christmas”

    Sanrio Puroland’s white Christmas-themed event “Puro Christmas” is currently being held up until Christmas Day.

    “The Puro Christmas” is a brand new musical that has arrived at the park to warm the hearts of its guests this Christmas. It will is centred around Hello Kitty and the Little Twin Stars (Kiki and Lala) who are joined by some other familiar Sanrio faces. The show contains lots of Christmas songs, and guests are pulled into a winter wonderland as gorgeous flurries of snow fall before them.

    Magical Snow is a new attraction at the park made in collaboration with NAKED that is running for a limited time only. It takes place at Kiki & Lala Twinkling Tour, an attraction based on the Yume Star-Cloud where Kiki and Lala were born. The attraction has been turned into a snowy world for this Christmas only.

    Enjoy Christmas as you never have before this year at Sanrio Puroland.



    Puro Christmas

    Running: November 9, 2018 – December 25, 2018
    Event Page: https://www.puroland.jp/2018_christmas/

    ©1976,1996,2001,2009,2018 SANRIO CO.,LTD.


    NAKED Inc. Official Website: http://naked-inc.com


    Tokyo Disney Resort – “Disney Christmas”

    Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea are now hosting a special Christmas event this year which is running up to December 25.


    Tokyo Disneyland is celebrating its 35th anniversary this Christmas. At Celebration Street, which is open at the park’s World Bazaar to commemorate 35 years, it is holding a very special performance you can only see during this holiday period. Christmas music, visuals and lights carry the Christmas spirit through the bazaar centred around Celebration Tower which is decorated in all the colours of Christmas. And for the first time ever, this year sees a Christmas tree behind Cinderalla’s castle with the 35th anniversary logo on it.


    Over at Tokyo DisneySea they are hosting a range of festive events. This includes the new daytime harbor show “It’s Christmas Time” at the Mediterranean Harbor which sees Mickey Mouse and friends together with tap dancers and line dancers backed by breathtaking singers.


    There are plenty of other Christmas themed events at the park too for the whole family to enjoy to be sure to check out their website.



    Tokyo Disney Resort “Disney Christmas”

    Running: November 8, 2018 – December 25, 2018

    Tokyo Disneyland Christmas 2018: https://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/en/tdl/event/detail/tdl_christmas2018/

    Tokyo DisneySea Christmas 2018: https://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/en/tds/event/detail/tds_christmas2018/


    Which of these theme parks do you want to spend your Christmas at the most?

  • Universal Studios Japan Announces Easter Celebration Event for 2019

    04.December.2018 | SPOT

    Universal Studios Japan (USJ) has announced its Universal Easter Celebration event which is set to begin next spring on March 15, 2019. It promises to be bigger and better than last year.


    Every year the park’s Universal Wonderland area is transformed with vibrant springtime colours, but for the first time in the park’s history the “world’s biggest Minion park” will appear for next year’s Easter festivities. This new area, titled Minion Park, will be decorated in all things cute and nonsensical as typical of Despicable Me‘s yellow critters. Expect to be greeted by the Minions who will be all dressed up in their Easter outfits.


    Both areas will be host to a range of Easter merchandise as well as delicious Easter food along with plenty of other fun content to enjoy the park in spring. Kids and adults alike can look forward to having fun at USJ for this coming Easter.


  • Universal Cool Japan 2020: Attack on Titan, Monster Hunter World, Detective Conan & Lupin III

    13.November.2019 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    It has been announced that Universal Cool Japan 2020 will take place from January 21 to June 28 next year. This year marks the 6th run of UCJ which began in 2015, bringing together the ‘cool’ aspects of Japan enjoyed by the rest of the world, and enjoys immense popularity every year.

    Universal Cool Japan 2020 will see four big titles in Japanese entertainment come together. Expect all-new attractions for all-new experiences.

    *The Monster Hunter World: Iceborne x USJ attractions will be announced at a later date

    Attack on Titan XR Ride

    The Attack on Titan manga series has celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. For the first time ever, the series is getting its own XR Ride in which guests will don VR goggles that will transport them into a 360° rendering of the world of Attack on Titan, with life-size Titans appearing before their very eyes. Guests will ride a roller coaster and fly alongside the Survey Corps. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to soar up high with ODM maneuver gear, now’s your chance.


    Running: January 21, 2020 – June 28, 2020


    Detective Conan World

    Join Conan in the all-improved and revamped Detective Conan World and help him solve cases in Detective Conan: The Escape; ride the new story-filled roller coaster Detective Conan x Hollywood Dream: The Ride which features full voice acting and an immersive plot; run around the park and solve various incidents hands-on with Detective Conan Mystery Challenge; and dine at the Detective Conan Mystery Restaurant.


    Running: January 21, 2020 – June 28, 2020

    *Full details on the restaurant will be announced at a later date


    Lupin the Third: The Live

    Lupin the Third made its first appearance at UCJ 2019 and was very well-received. This live show features street live entertainment by real cast members who will perform right before guests. Join Lupin and the characters in the exciting world of the franchise.


    Running: January 21, 2020 – June 28, 2020


    Monster Hunter World: Iceborne x Universal Studios Japan

    The Monster Hunter video game franchise is loved the world over, and is appearing once more at Universal Cool Japan after two years. Use interactive VR technology and go hunting in the world of Iceborn, the hit expansion to Monster Hunter World which has shipped 2.8 million copies worldwide.


    Running: Spring 2020 (subject to change)


    Image Credit: Universal Studios Japan

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  • Universal Studios Japan Countdown Party 2020: Celebrate 1 Year Of USJ in One Night

    12.September.2019 | SPOT

    Universal Studios Japan (USJ) has dropped some details on this year’s New Year’s celebrations. The event, titled Universal Studios Japan Countdown Party 2020, will wrap up 2019, celebrating one year of the theme park in a single night. It will begin at 7pm on December 31 and run until 2am on New Year’s Day. Pre-sale tickets to the event, called “Party Passes,” went on sale on Thursday (September 12).


    The park has over 3,500 colourful fireworks in its arsenal ready to launch into the sky after the countdown, beckoning the New Year and the start of USJ in 2020. During the event, all the most popular attractions will be all-you-can-ride for a total of 26 hours. Last year’s countdown party was so popular that all of the tickets sold out. According to a survey carried out by the park, 95% of people were highly satisfied with the experience.


    USJ has another incredible line-up of exciting things planned for 2019, including the special “one-night-only season events” which have been revamped this year. This consists of a variety of incredible shows and entertainment themed on each season.

    The World Street Festival, which thrilled guests back in spring, will make an exciting return, as well the Extra Cool Summer event which cooled down the park with water and snow this summer.

    And it doesn’t end there, because the Halloween Horror Night, which is currently running at the park, will creep its way to the New Year’s countdown party as well with the likes of the zombie dance event, in addition to the Universal Crystal Christmas event which has received a new theme this year.


    There are only a limited number of tickets and no more will be released once they’re all gone, so if you’re in Japan for the New Year then make sure you’ve got yours booked!


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  • Universal Studios Japan Scales Up Halloween Events For 2019

    06.September.2019 | SPOT

    The ever-popular Universal Surprise Halloween event is set to return again this year to Universal Studios Japan and will run from September 6 to November 4.

    The event is set to be bigger than ever this year, with more attractions than ever before, as well as the event’s three main elements―Zekkyo Halloween, Otana Halloween, and Kowa Kawa Halloween―making use of the entire park. Look forward to a unique and spooky Halloween experience the very second you enter the park.


    Zekkyo Halloween

    Three main events run every year during Universal Surprise Halloween. The first of these we are taking a look at is Zekkyo (“Screaming”) Halloween, which plunges guests into terrifying experiences, the kind of scream-inducing encounters you conjure up in your imagination at Halloween.


    As part of Zekkyo Halloween, just some of the exciting and hair-raising attractions include the brand new horror maze which will see you running for your life through its twists and turns, the return of the extremely popular zombie dance show, a survival horror maze based off the Resident Evil game series, and much, much more.


    Otona Halloween

    Otona (“Adult”) Halloween is a more sophisticated kind of Halloween experience aimed at adults, clad with glamour and fashion, but certainly not free of scares.


    Halloween 2019 sees the return of the interactive theatre event Hotel Albert in a brand-new sequel, Hotel Albert 2: Requiem. We covered last year’s here, but in summary, it’s an immersive theatre experience in which guests act as participants in the play. Guests walked around the attraction as characters in the story and experienced a beautifully haunting tale unfold before them. What secrets does the sequel hold? You’ll have to attend to find out!


    A new horror restaurant, named Park Side Grill ~Cursed Banquet Of Roses~, will serve up magnificent meals while imbuing a sense of uncanny in its diners.


    Kowa Kawa Halloween

    Of course, it’s not all doom and gloom at Universal Surprise Halloween. Children will get to enjoy Kowa Kawa (“Creepy-Cute”) Halloween again this year in all its Halloween trickery. Minions and the Sesame Street cast will be present and dressed in mischievous costumes. The incredible Festa de Parade will run the street, and kids will be able to catch falling candy at Happy Trick Or Treat where it will rain down like a waterfall.


    USJ is a spearhead in Japan’s Halloween culture, so if you’re there for the spooky season, make sure you don’t miss out.


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  • Universal Studios Japan Adds Snoopy, Sesame Street & Jurassic World Rooms to Liber Hotel

    23.July.2019 | SPOT

    Universal Studios Japan is set to open several new rooms at its official hotel “Liber Hotel by Universal Studio Japan” in collaboration with various franchises on November 13, the same date as the hotel opened.


    The rooms include the first ever Peanuts rooms to open at an official hotel, Jurassic World and Sesame Street™. Each room has 4 different designs. Guests can look forward to enjoying a hotel stay like never before as they immerse themselves in their favourite franchises after an exciting day out at USJ.

    Jurassic World Adventure Room

    The Jurassic World concept room includes decorations of the dinosaurs out to catch you while the beds are inspired by the tour vehicles from the movies. The thrilling adventure continues right in your own hotel room.

    Snoopy House Room

    Home Sweet Home, somewhere where Snoopy, his friends, and we ourselves gather. Next to Snoopy’s giant bed are colourful stained glass windows with Snoopy and the gang on them. Dive into the world of Peanuts!

    Peanuts Jazz Room

    Everyone is in relaxation mode in this jazz themed room, and you will be too if you stay here. It has the same atmosphere as a jazz bar!

    Sesame Street™ Big Face Room

    As its name suggests, this room features giant faces of various Sesame Street characters. The red and blue colour scheme of the room is really cute!


    Guests staying at any of these new rooms will receive some exclusive merchandise. The spa bag and towel can be used at the hotel’s spa too making them super useful. The card key and case will also have the name of the guest on it too with a special design. Take them home with you for memories of your trip!


    Be sure to check the official homepage for mode details.


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  • Universal Studio Japan’s Attack on Titan, Sailor Moon & Other New Attractions Now Open

    03.June.2019 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    A special press preview and opening ceremony was held at Universal Studios Japan (USJ) in the run up to the park’s Universal Cool Japan 2019 event.


    Universal Cool Japan is an annual event held at USJ where Japanese entertainment brands and companies who promote Japan’s “cool” culture to the world come together and turn the worlds they create into attractions. This year’s event will see attractions from “6 big franchises” including the first ever Lupin the Third attraction as well as Detective ConanAttack on TitanGodzilla, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Sailor Moon. A total of eight attractions have arrived, the most in the event’s history.


    The opening ceremony was held at USJ’s 4D cinema theatre in the park’s Hollywood area. Japanese actor Yukiyoshi Ozawa, who has played roles in both the Japanese and Hollywood film industry, appeared as a special guest. The event was attended by a small selection of just 100 fans of the entertainment franchises introduced to this year’s Universal Cool Japan.

    When Yukiyoshi Ozawa stepped onto the dark stage donning a very stylish outfit, the crowd erupted with surprise and a flurry of cheers. When asked about struggles that have been important to him, the San Francisco-born actor responded: “When I was accepted for the Hollywood film audition, I was trembling with excitement. I thought to myself, ‘This will help me grow, and I will be able to express myself to the world.’ On the first day of shooting [the Hollywood film], I was so nervous I was shaking, but when the first day ended, I realised that the entire system for shooting films was all the same, the only difference being whether it’s in English or Japanese. That relieved my tension and I was able to concentrate on the film shoot thereafter. You only have to step outside to see, but I think that more and more of the wonderful brands and works of Japan want to be received well around the world, and I believe that Universal Studios Japan is making that big chance possible.”


    Dramatic music played as gigantic visuals of Attack on TitanGodzillaNeon Genesis Evangelion and Salior Moon appeared. Ozawa spoke of his experience seeing three 4D attractions that are running for the event for a limited time, praising their high quality.


    ©2019 Gosho Aoyama / “Detective Conan” Production Committee ©Monkey Punch / TMS・NTV  ©Hajime Isayama・Kodansha / “Attack on Titan Production Committee TM & © TOHO CO., LTD.  ©Color  ©Naoko Takeuchi  Sisyu TM & © Universal Studios. All rights reserved.© SCRAP All rights reserved.

  • Osaka’s Universal Studios Japan to open three new attractions!

    15.April.2019 | SPOT

    Universal Studios Japan is in the midst of its large-scale programme Universal Cool Japan that started on Friday 18th January 2019. For this programme, six of Japan’s global influential works have been turned into eight attractions! From Friday 31st May to Sunday 25th August, three more attractions will open for the summer time!

    The Attack on Titan The Real attraction is based on the 3D live-action version of the anime Attack on Titan. This attraction is making a return to the park! Watch the serious faces of Erin and Levi as they prepare for attack throughout the night. Eren and Levi’s clonoids in the exhibition look so realistic you would think they are real! As season 3 part 2 is airing this month, fans will be even more hyped up! 

    A movie featuring both Godzilla and Evangelion is an ultimate dream that has finally been made into reality. Universal Studios will open a 3D special effects movie theatre attraction called Godzilla vs Evangelion The Real 4-D which features a battle between the two giants in the 3rd Shin-Osaka City. This original park movie features a clash of the strongest of the strong and will leave you trembling with excitement for more!

    The third new attraction is called Sailor Moon the Miracle 4-D Moon Palace and features the 10 Sailor Guardians and Super Sailor Moon! Watch the Sailor Guardians transform right before your very eyes! This whimsical and miraculous experience will leave your heart thudding in your chest. The girls the world has been longing for have finally come to life! You’re bound to get emotional!


    All we can do is wait in excitement for Universal Studios Japan to open their overwhelmingly thrilling attractions!


    TM & © Universal Studios. All rights reserved.
    © SCRAP All rights reserved.

  • USJ Celebrates 5th Anniversary of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

    23.March.2019 | SPOT

    Universal Studios Japan held a ceremony on March 19 celebrating five years since opening the park’s popular Harry Potter-themed area The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


    When actress Satomi Ishihara stepped out”Spring Supporter” alongside the residents of Hogsmeade and students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the Harry Potter fans in attendance who had received exclusive invitations to appear at the event ignited huge cheers and a round of applause.


    Ishihara was dressed in springtime clothing and wearing a Gryffindor scarf. She initiated the start of the celebrations after which confetti colour co-ordinated for each of the 4 Hogwarts Houses shot into the air.

    Following the ceremony, Ishihara spoke about experience getting an early peek at the new Hogwarts Magical Celebration castle show the night before. She explained: “The entire Hogwarts Castle was covered in magic! After the show finished, I spontaneously screamed ‘Gryffindor!’ as the house I wanted to enter [laughs]. I recently re-watched the Harry Potter movies after a long time and remember how fun they really are! When you watch them as an adult you discover and feel different things. I was surprised at how great of a story it is about growing up. I’m so excited that I get to experience those same emotions in real life here. The 5th anniversary castle show is like nothing you’ve seen before, so I really want people to see it. Universal Studios Japan really fired themselves up for it. It’s a great big exciting magical festival, so I want people to feel that same love and enthusiasm.”


    If you’ve yet to experience The Wizarding World of Harry Potter then be sure to add it to your bucket list.

  • Never Wait in Line Again at Universal Studios Japan With the New ‘World Street Festival’

    21.March.2019 | SPOT

    Universal Japan Studios is rolling out five big attractions this spring. A preview for the press was held on March 19 for the first two new attractions―World Street Festival and Universal Easter Celebration―which are set to call in the spring and bring an entirely new experience for guests during the daytime.

    The World Street Festival will pit all guests in the leading part of an exciting and musical Bollywood-style show. There will be 7 performances in total, one of which is Sesame Street Bollywood, a concept show featuring Elmo, the Cookie Monster and other familiar faces who are shooting a music video with singers from India. During the press preview, singers and dancers who travelled from India for the show dressed in bright and colourful clothing on a vivid set and sang beautiful music while dancing captivating moves.

    During the climactic dance scene which requires lots and lots of people, guests were invited as ‘extras’ in the video shoot to put on an energetic finale.


    The World Street Festival will give host to shows from experienced performers from around the world, live music performances, a new Minions show, character greetings, a world food festival and more. With so much on offer you won’t have to worry up about lining up to get into anything as you walk up and down the park.

    Finally is the Easter-themed Universal Easter Celebration event which is bringing in the park’s first Universal Wonderland and the world’s biggest Minion Park.

    Minions will be walking around dressed in all the colours of spring. There will be bunnies, Easter eggs and chicks everywhere, and guests can look forward to Easter egg hunts, food prepared specially for this season, merchandise and more. Read here for more information.


    Enjoy the all-new attractions coming to USJ this spring.

  • New Sailor Moon Attraction Arriving at Universal Studios Japan This Summer

    17.March.2019 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    Universal Studios Japan has been rolling out new attractions since January 18, 2019. The park is set to bring 8 attractions from six of Japan’s biggest entertainment franchises that have taken the world by storm, such as Attack on Titan.


    This summer, the next big attraction arriving at Universal Studios Japan will be Sailor Moon themed and will run from May 31 to August 25.

    Last year, the gave host to Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Miracle 4-D, an immersive 4-D experience that will followed an original Sailor Moon story. It was so popular that the attraction received an extension to run for longer, and even the manga’s author Naoko Takeuchi praised it.


    This year, the 4-D experience will return with a brand new original story featuring 10 Sailors and Super Sailor Moon. Guests are invited to the Moon Palace to join hands and combine their strength with the sailors to help save Sailor Moon who has been attacked by the enemy. They must awaken Super Sailor Moon.


    Guests will be treated to a visual feast with the Sailors appearing right before their very eyes and transforming. It’s the Sailor Moon experience all fans have dreamed of.


    A selection of merchandise popular last year will also make a return. This will include the Universal Heart Contact pictured above which Sailor Moon uses to transform in the attraction.


    Join the Sailors in their efforts to rescue Sailor Moon.

  • Universal Studios Japan’s Easter Celebration to Take Place Across 2 Areas

    04.March.2019 | SPOT

    Easter will soon arrive at Universal Studios Japan on March 15 when its long-awaited Universal Easter Celebration event is set to begin.


    For the first time ever in the park’s history, this year’s Easter event will be held across two areas at USJ: the “world’s biggest Minion park”―the first Minion themed area to arrive at USJ―and Universal Wonderland where the park usually celebrates Easter.

    The Cute & Crazy Easter Party at Minion Park

    Minions are set to take over USJ this year at the Minion Park where they will be walking around dressed in cute Easter costumes like rabbits and Easter eggs―and… bananas? They are sure to put a smile on all guests’ faces. This is your only chance to get to meet them face-to-face, so don’t miss out!

    Easter Egg Hunt―Bigger & Better!

    The famous Easter egg hunt from last year returns again bigger and better than ever. This year it will take place across both areas. You have to pay to get involved, but if you find all of them, you’ll be awarded with a cute rosette.

    Universal Wonderland Cast to Welcome Guests With a Happy Easter Mood

    Universal Wonderland will be filled with great spots for Easter-themed photographs with egg, rabbit and flower decorations adorning the entire area. Like the Minions, the Wonderland cast too will have their Easter outfits on to greet guests. Join them by dancing to music at the Wonderland Seasons Joy Easter show happening each day of the event.


    Easter Themed Food & Merchandise

    Easter Snoopy Popcorn Packets (Sold At: Universal Wonderland entrance food cart and elsewhere)

    Easter Minion Popcorn Packets (Sold At: POP-A-NANA and elsewhere)

    Much on some delicious Snoopy and Minion popcorn that’s sold in Easter egg packaging. Available this spring only!

    Easter Minion Custard Pudding Cookie Sandwich (Sold At: Delicious Me! The Cookie Kitchen)

    If you fancy something a little sweeter than go for the custard pudding flavoured Minion cookie sold in the Minion Park. Its colourful marshmallow and chocolate design will make for a great photo.

    Powder Salad Easter (Grilled Chicken & Strawberries), Easter Sandwich Set & More (Sold At: Beverly Hills Boulangerie™)

    The delicious Beverly Hills Boulangerie restaurant, located at the heart of Universal Wonderland, has lots and lots of Easter inspired meals ready to be nibbled down.

    Plush Toys (Elmo/Moppy/Snoopy/Hello Kitty), Charm Set (3 Charms), Marshmallow Set (3 Boxes) & More (Sold At: Sesame Street™ Kid’s Store and elsewhere)

    Of course, there’s a big selection of Easter themed merchandise to get your hands on too, all exclusive to USJ.


    Spend your Easter this year at Universal Studios Japan with their biggest Easter event to date!

  • Attack on Titan Attraction Returns to Universal Studios Japan

    08.February.2019 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    Universal Cool Japan 2019 is currently being held at Universal Studios Japan featuring 6 internationally renowned series made into 8 attractions in what the event has described to be on “the biggest scale to date.”


    Ever since arriving to Universal Cool Japan in 2015, the Attack on Titan attraction has gained huge support from guests who praise it for being immersive and for its overwhelmingly high quality. The attraction is returning once more this year at the same time as part two of Attack on Titan season three begins this April.


    A special show will take place in addition to the attraction, both of which are set during the “Operation to Reclaim Wall Maria” of the series.


    Shintaro Kawakubo of Kodansha Ltd. commented the following in regards to the attraction: “This will be the biggest [attraction] to date! When one thinks of Attack on Titan they think of the gigantic and sprinting fast. Attack on Titan is waiting for all of you, made possible by Universal Studios Japan, so be sure to head on over. You’re going to be overwhelmed!”


    The attraction was made on the kind of grand scale you can only experience at Universal Studios Japan. Immerse yourself in the world of Attack on Titan!

  • Universal Studios Japan Details More On Universal Student Festival

    27.January.2019 | SPOT

    Universal Studios Japan (USJ) first opened in 2001 and has since welcomed guests for 17 years of Japan’s ongoing Heisei period which is set to end in April this year when Emperor Akihito abdicates the Chrysanthemum Throne. To celebrate this time and the last of the Heisei period students, USJ is set to hold its Universal Student Festival from February 1 to March 31.


    The park already announced its Universal Student Pass campaign last year which went on sale from January 15. When entering the park as a student with a group of 2 or more people in 2019, this special one-day pass allows free entry when entering with the same group in 2020.


    The next three campaigns students can look forward to are the Universal Dream Campaign, Park Night Rental Campaign and Adult Park Experience Campaign.

    Enter 2 of the campaigns with a certain hashtag post!


    The Universal Dream Campaign is being held right now and will run until February 15. To enter, students must post the hashtag #USJ during this time frame on their social media along with a message stating what they’ve always wanted to do or experience at the park. Lucky winners will be selected and their wishes will come true will the full backing of the park. For example, if you want the Minions, Snoopy and other characters to all come together just for you for a photo, or if you want to have Harry Potter World all to yourself and your friends. The park want to hear students’ boundless dreams to have a fitting last spring break of the Heisei period.


    The Adult Park Experience Campaign follows the same hashtag rules as the Dream Campaign. To enter, students must post the hashtag #USJ between February 1, 2019 and March 31, 2019. The more people that enter the more people can win and the prizes will get bigger and better. This includes a free Royal Studio Pass (normally priced at ¥25,900) which allows guests to go into an attraction as many times as they want with shorter waiting periods, merchandise, and more. Winners are scheduled to be announced at the end of April.


    The Park Night Rental Campaign runs from February 25, 2019 to March 1, 2019 and will take place one hour after the park closes. All students can arrive at the park with their student IDs and get in for a special student-only USJ experience.


    If you’re a student in Japan then take advantage of all the benefits in this super rare occasion.