Become the Disney Princess you have always longed to be with the “Disney Hair Arrange Book” ♪

29.May.2016 | FASHION

If you want to transform yourself into a famous Disney Heroine such as Rapunzel, Ariel, Snow White, Cinderella, Alice, or maybe someone else… then at last you have seen the light! The “Disney Hair Arrange Book” is overflowing with many creative hairstyles! This book was released for sale on Thursday 26th May. ♪


“Someday, I wanna to be like a princess…”is the thought that has run into everyone’s mind and now with the magic of the “Disney Hair Arrange Book”, this dream can be made into a reality! Our hairstyle heroine who teaches these Disney hairstyles is Mayumi Kaneko, a popular hairstylist who has around 70,000 followers on Instagram. Kaneko introduces not only Disney hairstyles but also hairstyles suitable for everyday life.


Mayumi Kaneko’s Instagram:


Here’s a little introduction to some of the hairstyles that you might be a little curious about…


unnamed (10) disney

To become Alice from “Alice in Wonderland”, the trademark black ribbon is used! Curl your hair and arrange it into a partial up-do and then tie the ribbon quite firmly into place. Wearing the same black ribbon as Alice will give you fashionable hair, completing a girly hairstyle ♪

unnamed (10) disney ariel

Free your whole body with the light, airy and gentle feeling of the “Little Mermaid” hairstyle. Braid your curled hair into the “Waterfall” braid and like Ariel, you too can discover a feeling of freedom!

unnamed (10) disney rapunzel

PastedGraphic-4 DISNEY

There are also hairstyles for Rapunzel, Snow White, Cinderella, Bell, Tinker Bell, Jasmine and many more, so tie yourself to your Disney fate and become the next Disney Princes! ♪



Disney Hair Arrange Book

Release date:Tursday 26th May 2016
Price:¥1,300(excluding tax)
Author:Mayumi Kaneko


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