Fruit-Filled Mochi Arrive at Hanazono Manju CAFE&SHOP

22.December.2018 | FOOD

The new Hanazono Manju CAFE&SHOP in Shinjuku opened its doors on December 20, 2018.

Hanazono Manju x Ginza Sembikiya Fruit Daifuku
Strawberry: ¥648 (Tax Included) /Orange ¥540 (Tax Included) / Kiwi ¥432 (Tax Included)

To celebrate the store’s grand opening they are selling a new line of fruity mochi. The fruit used is carefully selected by Ginza Senbikiya, a patisserie in Shinjuku famous for its fruits. These are wrapped in Hanazono Manju’s own deliciously crafted mochi.

Hanazono Soft Cream Uji Matcha Special: ¥700 (Tax Included)

Hanazono Parfait: ¥1,296 (Tax Included)

If you don’t fancy mochi then you order the Hanazono Soft Cream for takeout or the Hanazono Parfait, both of which are served with the store’s famous sweet beans.

The interior decor has a modern Japan taste with wall displays inspired by cake boxes and a main show case.


If you’re looking for quality Japanese confections then don’t pass an opportunity when in Shinjuku to visit the new Hanazono Manju.