Enter the Disney•Pixar Movie World at Tokyo DisneySea’s Pixar Playtime Event

08.January.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

Tokyo DisneySea® has announced a special event called Pixar Playtime which will run from January 11 to March 25 where guests will be able to enjoy the worlds of Disney and Pixar’s animated filmography.


Pixar Playtime begins this Saturday, but in the run up to it the park released a line of special merchandise on January 7 that keeps in theme with the event. A themed food menu will also be served from January 9.

Tote Bag: ¥2,300 (*Reversible bag design)

Merchandise includes t-shirts, a tote bag and more which when paired together will have guests ready to have fun with the Pixar cast. There’s also a bunch of merchandise for families to enjoy too including rice crackers which come with the Japanese board game sugoroku. There are around 100 items to get your hands on.


“Cars” Lightning McQueen Set: ¥1,150 @ New York Deli


“Monster’s Inc.” Cookie Sandwich Chocolate Ganache: ¥400 each


After some fun with the cast and shopping guests are invited to enjoy one of the various character-inspired meals which promise to be colourful and filling.


Head to Tokyo DisneySea to dive into the world of Disney•Pixar.