KANA-BOON Announce New Single ‘Haguruma’ For 5th Anniversary Release

19.January.2019 | MUSIC

This year marks the 5th anniversary since Japanese rock band KANA-BOON went major. To celebrate, their are holding a special project centred around the number “5” which consists of “5 releases” and “5 events” across “5 seasons.”


To conclude the end of Season 5, the band will release the first of five singles Haguruma on March 6, 2019.

The song is used as the second opening theme for the anime series Karakuri Circus. It’s an upbeat tune and the kind of “fight on” song KANA-BOON is known for that looks to the future.


The single is coupled with the song Orange which features an idyllic and jaunty melody that paints a picture of wearisome and cheerless evenings with colourful words. Lead vocalist Maguro Taniguchi’s songwriting skills really shine through in the track.

Limited edition copies of the single include a DVD that features the title track music video and the creditless version of the Karakuri Circus second opening video.


Expect more releases from KANA-BOON very soon.