Tokyu Hands to Open New Branch at Singapore Changi Airport

28.January.2019 | SPOT

Tokyu Hands has announced that it will open a new branch at the new Jewel Changi Airport set to open at Singapore Changi Airport in spring this year. This will be the chain’s fourth branch to open in Singapore.


Tokyu Hands is a Japanese department store which describes itself as “the one-stop shop chock-full of many products unique to Japan.” Its stores stock a wide variety of products, and those visiting the new Jewel branch too can expect to get their hands on a range of items from Japan including high-quality living ware, hobby and lifestyle products and more.


If you’re passing through Singapore Changi Airport be sure to pop in for a visit this spring.


  • Japanese Cafe Chain PRONTO Announces Second Overseas Branch in Singapore

    14.June.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

    Japanese cafe chain PRONTO has announced that it will open its first Singapore branch at Capital Square Singapore on June 17. This is only the second of overseas branches, the first being located in Shanghai.

    The area that PRONTO is opening in is Shenton Way, a commercial and business district. It is just a five-minute walk from Raffles Place MRT Station and a one-minute walk from Telok Ayer MRT Station.

    PRONTO decided to open a branch in Singapore as the country has a high rate of people who enjoy eating out, and it’s also home to a lot of office workers. Just like it does in Japan, PRONTO will operate both a cafe and bar so that customers can enjoy the establishment from morning to evening time.

    The counter shares its space with the rest of the room, giving it a spacious atmosphere. This also makes the bar feel like a relaxed and carefree sake bar. The interior is built to feel like a slightly special private location. The outside also has a takeout corner which is connected to a seated terrace area.

    During cafe time customers can enjoy coffee and authentic pasta while at bar time they can sip on 4 types of The Premium Malt’s, high balls, and tuck into delicious Italian cuisine. The cafe caters to every customers’ needs, whether they’re an office worker on a weekday or tourists and locals on the weekend. Be sure to stop by if you’re in Singapore.

  • Traditional Japanese Fireworks Fuse With Cutting-Edge Technology for STAR ISLAND 2019 in Tokyo & Singapore

    29.May.2019 | SPOT

    This year marks the third year of STAR ISLAND, a firework festival set to take place at Toyosu Gurui Park on July 20, 2019. Tickets are now on sale.

    STAR ISLAND will collapse together traditional Japanese fireworks with the latest in cutting-edge technology including 3D sound, lighting and show performances. This immersive entertainment experience will stimulate all five senses of attendees as they enjoy the show with against panoramic backdrop of Tokyo’s towering skyscrapers.

    Past STAR ISLAND event

    The tickets for STAR ISLAND sell out every single year. 2019 will be its fourth run and it promises to scale things up to greater heights as the event is moved to Toyosu Gururi Park for the first time.

    Past STAR ISLAND event

    The event will now house two children’s areas for families which have proven popular each year as well as new BBQ seats.

    Past STAR ISLAND event

    This year, STAR ISLAND is expanding its experience overseas. Up to now, the event has been held at Odaiba Seaside Park in Tokyo for two years in a row since its inception in 2017. At the end of 2018, it embarked to Singapore for the New Year’s event “Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2019” where it was the main attraction, showcasing its wondrous and moving content to people from 86 different countries.


    STAR ISLAND will return to Singapore for the same event for the 2020 countdown. Before that, it will make its way to Saudi Arabia for Saudi-Japan Vision 2030 on September 23, 2019, the same date the kingdom was founded.

    If you get the chance, make sure to book your tickets to witness STAR ISLAND 2019 for yourself.

  • Shiseido and teamLab Collaborate at New Shiseido Forest Valley in Singapore

    16.May.2019 | BUSINESS / SPOT

    Shiseido Forest Valley is an immersive new indoor forest in Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore. Together with this new area, Shiseido has is also collaborating with teamLab on their new art installation SENSE. By opening Shiseido Forest Valley in Jewel Changi Airport which is used by people across the globe, Shiseido will be able to increase their international presence.

    Jewel is a mixed-development and expansion of Changi Airport which describes itself as a “gateway where the world meets Singapore, and Singapore meets the world.” This 1.46 million sq ft complex is built up of gardens, attractions, retail and more all of which integrates with nature and sits under a stunning steel and glass dome.


    Shiseido Forest Valley bathes in natural sunlight and is surrounded by nature with plants at every turn and a giant waterfall in the centre. teamLab’s SENSE installation combines nature, beauty and art through a Japanese aesthetic. Relax and take a stroll through the forest and enjoy the sights, sounds and tranquillity.

  • Future Firework Entertainment Event ‘STAR ISLAND’ Heads to Singapore

    04.November.2018 | SPOT

    STAR ISLAND is an event that describes itself as ‘future firework entertainment.’ The show has been held twice in the past and sold over 30,000 tickets. Now, for the first time ever, the fireworks will be exploding overseas.


    STAR ISLAND Singapore Countdown Edition will welcome the New Year at The Float @ Marina Bay in Singapore at 23:00 on December 31, 2018.

    STAR ISLAND brings together top creators in Japan to evolve Japan’s firework culture. Some big names include creative director Kenji Kohashi, the 150-year-old firework company Marutamaya Ogatsu Fireworks, 3D sound pioneer Katsuyuki Seto, globally-active lighting engineer AIBA, and more.


    The event offers new ways to enjoy watching fireworks. The ‘Bed Area’ lets you gaze up at the lights while laying on a bed. The ‘Dinner Area’ is a place where can enjoy a meal while watching the fireworks. The ‘Kids Area’ is perfect for families, allowing attendees to see the explosions with their children. The event has given rise to a brand new business model that combines multiple paid-seating areas with fireworks.


    STAR ISLAND has been held two years in a row in 2017 and 2018 at Odaiba Kaihin-Koen in Tokyo. Now, with backing from the Singaporean government, it is headed to what is said to be the largest region in Asia. The huge New Year’s countdown will take place with Singapore’s landmark Marina Bay Sands in the background.

    12,000 fireworks will be launched, with each individual one firing to each beat of the music in sync. Cutting edge sound technology will propel the music which will blare from over 300 individual 3D sound speakers for a full 360° experience. A string of performances will take place on stage, including one from the LED BAND who combine the fireworks with 3D sound and lighting to create a rainbow of colours. The kid’s area will be decked out with a jungle gym, ball pit and breast-feeding area for mothers.


    Celebrate the coming new year Japanese-style in Singapore.

  • A new design was added to the series of lip balm included inside “omamoris” (Japanese charms) called “Fuku Fuku Lip”

    06.February.2018 | FASHION

    “Fuku Fuku Lip” is a product which was released in November of 2017 and it has gained a high reputation. From the 6th of January 2018, the new products (17th, 18th, 19th designs) “Fujiyama,” “Daruma” and “Hanabi” were added to the series.


    You can wear them or give them as a gift to person who are precious to you.

    “Fuku Fuku Lip” was created under the concept of introducing “omamori” to many people in a fun manner.

    It is a new style of omamori which has a modern design and includes a lip balm inside.


    The cuteness of the series gained much popularity and took the first place in the lip balm category sales in November and December.

    Luck will come to persons with moist lips. “Fuku Fuku Lip” which brings luck can be used in everyday life or as a gift to foreign guests.



    Fujiyama – This product has an illustration of Mount Fuji which is known as the symbol of luck in Japan and a shiny full moon. The product has a premium feel and is suitable to be used as a gift for celebration events.



    Daruma – A product which has the pattern of a daruma which is known as the “God of exams.” The product has a cute design which is colored in beige and has a red string attatched.



    Hanabi – Hanabi (fireworks) are often set off on Lunar New Year in China and is known as a symbol of celebration. The product has a delicate pattern of a golden string and a white string on top of a black colored surface.



    The products have the scent of “yuzu” (Japanese citrus fruit) which has been used in Japan from a long time ago. The products uses the rare essence of yuzu produced in Japan.


    Let’s call in luck by using “Fuku Fuku Lip.”





    Fuku Fuku Lip

    Price: 1,080 yen (tax included)

    TEL: 03-3239-1635

    Available stores: Tokyu Hands, Loft, Isshindo Honpo Tsushin Hanbai’s Tokyo Sky Tree Town store, Soramachi store etc…


  • Japanese-style restaurant Ippudo opens in Singapore’s Tanjong Pagar Centre—with a sake bar!

    16.June.2017 | FOOD

    A brand new Ippudo has just opened its doors in Singapore (on June 14th), making it the 9th in the country. Located around the popular Tanjong Pagar Centre, a place packed full of offices and restaurants, Ippudo sells Japanese sake and ‘otsumami’ (snacks to go with alcohol). It is a cafe/restaurant and is situated where plenty of sunlight can get in to brighten up the gorgeous room.


    Ippudo dishes out lots of different Japanese-style food, such as ramen, as well as drinks, and boasts a brand new bargain lunch set and a sake bar serving all kinds of Japanese alcohol.


    Ramen, sake, otsumami and much more—there’s plenty to choose from as they serve up tasty Japanese-style cuisine.



    IPPUDO Tanjong Pager Centre
    Address: #01-15, Tanjong Pagar Centre, 5 Wallich Street, Singapore 078883
    Open: Sunday-Thursday @ 11:00–22:00, Friday & Saturday @ 11:00–23:00
     (Last orders for otsumami is 22:00 and for ramen is 22:20)

    Homepage (Singapore):

    Ippudo Website:


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  • Pokémon themed cafe to open in Singapore for the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon!

    06.November.2016 | FOOD

    Back in May this year, “THE GUEST cafe&diner” opened a Pokémon cafe (Full Title: Pokemon cafe@EWF-a Concept by PARCO) in Singapore for a limited time in their first ever overseas project. Due to its popularity, the Pokémon cafe returns, this time in celebration of the release of  the newest games, Pokémon Sun and Moon on the Nintendo 3DS. There will be an all new menu, with desserts themed around the Alola region, drinks based on the new Pokémon, and more.


    「Pokémon cafe@EWF-a Concept by PARCO」
    Open: Thursday November 24th, 2016 to Sunday February 19th, 2017
    Location: EWF (Bugis Junction, 4F (04-05))
    ※Everything with Fries (EWF) is a cafe in Bugis Junction and is the location for the Pokémon cafe.

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  • Tokyu Hands commemorates 40 years in business with a “Hands Thanksgiving Celebration” — Sanrio, Fuchiko and many more famous characters collaborate!

    18.October.2016 | Uncategorized

    Tokyu Hands is celebrating 40 years since their founding with the “Hands Thanksgiving Celebration” which will start from Tuesday 1st November! This will involve a range of popular characters and goods, brands and tags! As well as 10 collaboration items, there is a large range of other stuff to enjoy!


    One of the most attention-grabbing collaborations is the “Cup no Fuchiko”. For this collaboration, the character figure is dressed in the old Tokyu Hands uniform that was worn long ago, and she is copying the same pose as in the Tokyu Hands logo! Customers who wear the current uniform and turn up to the store will receive one of the 2 varieties of posing Fuchiko! There is a massive lineup of goods in store that you won’t be able to take your eyes off, including the Sanrio Hands limited edition mascot!


    The store will be offering a variety of workshops too to ensure that the 40 year commemoration event will be jam-packed with lots of fun! From now on, information about bargains and further information about the event will be updated on the 40 year commemoration special site! Please check it out and don’t miss out!!



    ハンズ感謝祭 (Hands Thanksgiving Celebration)




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  • The Michelin Star ramen restaurant “Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta” sets up shop overseas for the first time!

    15.October.2016 | FOOD

    “Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta” is the first ramen restaurant to be awarded a Michelin star as featured in “Michelin Guide Tokyo 2016”. This number one restaurant will make its first step into the outside world by opening up a store overseas in Singapore’s “Pacific Plaza”.

    The ramen made by store owner Onishi Yuki is simple and uses original ingredients and an original preparation method. It’s said to put all other ramen to shame. The store has gained a lot of attention not just in Japan but overseas too as it brings in a lot of foreign customers, who finally get their own long awaited store overseas!

    Restaurants chosen by Michelin are ranked as high class, but the ramen at Tsuta is just ¥1,000 for one serving. As the title of the store suggests, the ramen uses the noodle, something very representative of Japanese cooking, which it will now be taking overseas so that the world can appreciate this delicacy of Japanese culture. It’s sure to be a delight to the tongue of Singaporean ramen fans.

    Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta, Singapore Pacific Plaza
    Day of Opening: Mid-November 2016

  • Have even more fun this Halloween with workshops & makeovers at Tokyu Hands!

    13.October.2016 | FASHION

    The theme at Tokyu Hands this Halloween is becoming the protagonist of a story. For 2016, Tokyu Hands stores nationwide will be holding the “HALLOWEEN FESTIVAL 2016” until Monday October 31st. Tokyu Hands has a range of Halloween outfits, accessories and items every year for the popular event. This year they will be making some Halloween handmade clothes with their new project “Magical! Hands Halloween” for which there is a video you can watch. Check the official Tokyo Hands Halloween website below to see the handmade costumes they are making, as well as the video they made in collaboration with a popular cosplayer.
    ・「Magical! Hands Halloween」Official Website:

    There will also be a workshop where you can learn how to make your own Alice bands using sponge sheets, as well as receive Halloween style make-up that you can do at home too! Full details regarding the event can be found at the website below (Japanese):

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  • 【KPP BEST Now on Sale!】MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON editors head to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s “KPP 5iVE YEARS MONSTER WORLD TOUR 2016”

    25.May.2016 | MUSIC

    Hi everyone, this is the MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON editorial team.
    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has a lot planned for 2016 as she celebrates her 5-year anniversary. Her new best-of album “KPP BEST” went on sale today (May 25th, 2016). Have you got your hands on it yet? From PON PON PON to 5iVE YEARS MONSTER, this jam-packed treat of Kyary tracks is an absolute must-listen, an homage to Kyary’s 5 years all compact onto 1 disc.

    『KPP BEST』
    Worldwide Release iTunes:
    Worldwide Release Apple Music:

    A little over a week ago before the release of KPP BEST, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu began the start of her 3rd world tour, invading Singapore on May 13th. The team here at MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON will be accompanying Kyary as she embarks on her tour. In conjunction with this, we will be documenting each of her live performances as she heads around the world!

    Her concert in Singapore was held at Esplanade Concert Hall. It is a gorgeous venue and the location for a diverse range of concerts, from classical to pop. As the doors to the venue opened, so began the long line of fans waiting to purchase some Kyary merchandise. There was a lot up for grabs, including a world tour t-shirt and various goods that you can only buy in Japan. We spoke to the merchandise staff who said that this was one of the most demanding merchandise stands they had ever seen. It seems that the black version of the world tour t-shirt was the most popular purchase.

    IMG_0189The crowd was mostly made up of Singaporeans, and about 20% included people from neighbouring countries such as Malaysia who had rushed over for the show. This first day of the tour also saw some Japanese fans that had travelled all the way from Japan, but the majority of the audience were from Singapore itself. After asking around, we found out that the fan who had traveled the furthest to attend the concert came all the way from Russia!!


    ≪A girl travels all the way from Russia for the concert. She made the decision to make the trip in celebration of her birthday.≫

    ≪This girl adorned in Harajuku-style fashion had her photo snapped in AFA last year! This is her second time at a Kyary concert.≫

    The age-range of the fans was also diverse. It ranged from small children to wonderful middle-aged men, something that can be expected of Kyary fans, a crowd who come to have fun with their entire families. One girl who we found that was posed and dressed like Kyary wearing the clothes as seen in her music video “Tsukema Tsukeru” pondered  excitedly “I wonder if she’ll sing Tsukema Tsukeru?” as she entered the stage area.

    ≪A young girl dressed as Kyary doing her own pose. Before she knew it, she was surrounded by people with cameras!≫

    ≪A wonderful middle-aged man also attended the show. He also had his picture taken it front of the banner which bares the key visual of Kyary’s world tour.≫

    The concert started with Kyary appearing on stage wearing the clothes we saw her in for her recently released promotional video made for the world tour! Fans sang in Japanese and danced along to Kyary’s songs, which ranged from her brand new songs such as “5iVE YEARS MONSTER” to old classics like “PON PON PON”. One highlight of the show was the DJ that was set up in the middle of the stage who danced and guided the audience along with his hand and arm gestures.

    _MG_0621≪Kyary Pamyu Pamyu appears on stage wearing her world tour PR outfit!≫

    _MG_1442≪She also took a commemoration photo together with all the fans!≫


    We have seen Kyary’s overseas concerts countless times, but it never fails to give us goosebumps when we hear the fans singing Kyary’s song altogether in Japanese. Isn’t it amazing that although they may not understand the Japanese in her songs, they can still sing them perfectly in the language? Their excitement and enthusiasm is really conveyed as a result, as well as when they dance the same dances as in Kyary’s videos. It really is incredible how into Kyary overseas fans are. The Singapore concert never let up once; the performance had everyone pumped right until the very last song, before the curtains were finally closed.

    We were able to have fans take fashion snaps in front of the “MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON x ENJOY AEON!” banner this time around. We are uploading the photos on Facebook of everyone that participated, so be sure to check our page out. MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON will be sneaking into the rest of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s upcoming overseas concerts. Look forward to our next instalment!




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  • Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s 3rd World Tour begins! Her first show in Singapore an overwhelming success!

    14.May.2016 | FASHION / MUSIC

    Singapore has been facing some consecutive days of serious humidity. Lots of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu fans waited eagerly to witness the first day of the pop princess’s long anticipated 3rd world tour “KPP 5iVE YEARS MONSTER WORLD TOUR 2016”. Kyary will be heading to 8 cities around Australia, Europe, America and Asia to play 9 shows to an estimated 30,000 fans. Her tour kicked off to a successful start at the Esplanade Theatre in Singapore on May 13th.

    _MG_0645The Esplanade Theatre was packed with around 1800 crazy fans. The Singapore concert saw people from neighbouring countries pop over to see Kyary too, including fans from Malaysia, the Philippines, and India. Just like at her previous world tours, there were lots of girls cosplaying Kyary from the front of the crowd to the back wearing the same outfits we see the pop princess dolled up in for her music videos.

    Kyary appeared on stage to a huge roar of screaming fans, opening up with the her song “KPP ON STAGE”, which is the first track on her upcoming best-of album “KPP BEST”. Kyary’s tour is themed around “flowers”; fittingly, the stage bloomed as fans witnessed Kyary’s gorgeous outfit which was inlaid with beautiful multi-coloured flowers. Kyary performed her popular hits one after the other – songs which are very well-known even overseas. The excitement never let up once as huge screams of joy echoed throughout the venue after every single song.


    “World tour starts from today! The tour’s theme is flowers! Here’s a vegetable DJ! Copy his moves! This is my 3rd Time in Singapore. I had chicken rice for lunch today. Hope you enjoy the show!!” Kyary was challenged with MC’ing in English, which flowed fluently, garnering praise from the fans.

    _MG_1102She then went on to say, in Japanese, “The next places I’ll be heading to are Sydney and Melbourne in Australia! My world tour has only just begun, so I want to continue getting more and more pumped up!”, words which echoed a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

    For the show’s encore, Kyary held her dance lecture, which has become a regular feature in her concerts. The crowd danced together with Kyary which of course went down a storm! Kyary’s music, fashion and existence surpass the limits of language and allow for a universal sense of unity, something that is supported by her fans. With this fact in mind, the first day of her world tour enjoyed great success.

    In other crazy news, Kyary is scheduled to finish up her tour with two days at the legendary Nippon Budokan in Tokyo on August 19th and August 20th!

    _MG_1442 (1)

    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu 5-Year Debut Special Website:

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