Valentine’s Day at the KAWAII MONSTER CAFE Promises a ‘Colorful Animal Valentine’

25.January.2019 | FOOD

The KAWAII MONSTER CAFE in Harajuku has announced Valentine’s themed fair titled Colorful Animal Valentine and it begins on January 28.


In Japan is common for friends to give each other chocolate during Valentine’s but “friend sweets” is the latest Valentine’s Day trend that has people enjoying desserts together instead of trading chocolate. The KAWAII MONSTER CAFE is jumping on this bandwagon with a colourful line-up of 7 animal themed desserts.

Shocking Pink Rabbit: ¥1,100

Prepare to nibble into a cute and colourful rabbit cake made with a doughnut and topped with a fluffy cassata.

Rainbow Love Letter With French Toast: ¥1,150

Enjoy sweet and juicy rainbow French toast decorated with chocolate ribbons and envelope seals served with fruit, fresh cream and chocolate sauce.

Sexy Blue Ice Cream: ¥850

You read that right. Indulge in a pastel blue ice cream topped with pink hearts, chocolate lips, white chocolate feather, and a strawberry Pocky.

Pastel Moko Monster Churro Churros: ¥950

This churro has become an angel and swooped down onto your plate. Shaped like a heart, the cocoa churro has white chocolate wings and plenty of other eye-catching treats surrounding it.

Black Teddy Bear: ¥1,580

If you don’t fancy anything sweet and want a a real meal, then try the cute black teddy bear burger filled with hot salsa sauce and rich cheese sauce.

Orange Crush Rabbit Monster: ¥1,580

If you can’t pick between a meal or a dessert then try this Mexican chocolate chicken burger. Made in the image of a crazy rabbit, this rich burger contains crispy chicken layered with a dark chocolate sauce.

Heart Chicken Rice & Egg: ¥1,380

Last up on the menu is this chicken rice dish enjoyed with hashed beef and scrambled egg. It is finished with a loving pierced heart.


Enjoy some delicious desserts or a colourful meal with your friends this Valentine’s season at the KAWAII MONSTER CAFE.