Doraemon Inspired Fashion Items Releasing From CIAOPANIC TYPY

29.January.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

Japanese fashion brand CIAOPANIC TYPY is set to release a line of Doraemon themed items at all of its branches across Japan.


CIAOPANIC TYPY serves up a range of attire aimed at families who want to wear fashion that aligns with their own lifestyle. Its clothing is relaxed while still being a touch fashionable. The brand is particular about the material it uses and the comfort of its items when worn on buyers. It offers both an original line-up as well as a selection of trending casual clothes picked from both inside and outside the country. They also sell kids’ clothing.


Let’s take a select look at some of the collaborative Doraemon items up for grabs.

Adult Print Parker: Adults ¥3,900 / Kids ¥3,500 (Before Tax)

Embroidered Cap: Adults ¥2,500 / Kids ¥1,900 (Before Tax)

Four-Dimensional Pocket Sacoche: ¥1,900 (Before Tax)

Nobita-kun Set (Kids’ Only): ¥4,900 (Before Tax)

These simple yet fun items can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike, and there’s plenty more to choose from!