Jin Akanishi & Gudetama Collaborative Cafe Opens in Tokyo’s Sangenjaya Area

03.February.2019 | FOOD

Japanese musician and singer-songwriter Jin Akanishi and popular Sanrio character Gudetama opened a collaborative cafe on January 4 in the  Sangenjaya area of Tokyo.

This is the first time they have collaborated. When it was announced in August last year it became the No. 1 trending tweet in Japan.

The cafe interior features Gudetama inspired designs including a cartoonised Akanishi. Expect a whole array of original themed food and exclusive merchandise.


You must book online to dine at the cafe. When reservations first opened the website traffic was so crowded that it crashed for a short time. There are only 30 seats in the cafe and over to 10,000 people tried booking at the same time. Its popularity continues into February.

Dariina Curry: ¥1,300 (Before Tax)

Jin & Gudetama’s Sleeping-In Omurice: ¥1,300 (Before Tax)

Mango Jin-kun’s Treat Parfait: ¥1,100 (Before Tax)

Toro Toro Jin Dan Chocolate: ¥950 (Before Tax)

Light-Up Jin & Gudetama Lemonade: ¥950 (Before Tax)

Jin & Gudetama’s Lazy Latte: ¥750 (Before Tax)

Assorted Merchandise

Jin Akanishi is enjoying immense popularity in China and across Asia. Don’t miss out on this rare collaboration.