Harajuku’s Takeshita Street Collaborates With NTT Docomo’s Cute Characters

15.February.2019 | FASHION / FOOD / SPOT

Japanese mobile phone operator NTT Docomo is collaborating with Harajuku’s famous Takeshita Street from February 15 to March 14 for the newest entry to its Hoshi Puro series of TV commercials.

Takeshita Street’s iconic entrance―and a symbol of Harajuku―will take on the forum of the commercial and be dotted with its many characters. The flag that flies along the street will also receive an original design. The music too will be changed to Gen Hoshino’s Sabiensu which plays during the commercial.

Several popular stores along Takeshita Street are collaborating with the commercial too, from selling products inspired by the characters to changing their interior designs and selling merchandise. This includes Marion Crepe, Candy・A・Go・Go, SPINNS, Pearl Lady, Purikura LAND NOA, WEGO, Totti Candy Factory, and Rainbow Pancake.


A select look at the menu

Hoshi Puro Harapeko Crepe: ¥650 (Tax Included) @ Marion Crepe (Student Discount Coupon: ¥150 off)


Hoshi Puro Pancake: ¥1,150 (Tax Included) @ Rainbow Pancake (Student Discount Coupon: ¥150 off)


Hoshi Puro Puni Puni Tapioca: ¥500 (Tax Included) @ Pearl Lady (Student Discount Coupon: ¥100 off)


Marion Crepe actually appears in the commercial and has taken on the design as it looks in it.


If you visit each store’s page you can also access coupons for the student discount. Anybody can get these whether your a student or not – and even if you’re not a Docomo user.

20 stores are participating in the collaboration all of which are handing out a range of original stickers. These are all limited in quantity so don’t miss out.

Photo Spot Designed by Yutaro

Photo spots designed by popular models Mei Tanaka and Yutaro will also make an appearance for a limited time. Tanaka’s can be found on the side door for Marion Crepe and Yutaro’s at the space next to CUTE CUBE HARAJUKU.


This is your chance to have your photo taken with the three cute character of Hoshi Puro, so if you’re in Harajuku over the next month be sure to get involved.