Lead song “Koi no Esper” from SILENT SIREN’s 6th album “31313” music video release + advanced streaming!

19.February.2019 | MUSIC

“Koi no Esper” is the main song on SILENT SIREN’s  6th album “31313 (Sai sai san)”. The album was released on Wednesday 13th March 2019. Koi no Esper is now being streamed on major streaming services and you can also preorder the song on iTunes! If you reserve the album “31313” on iTunes, you can download “Koi no Esper” without delay! Koi no Esper is a killer song which is perfect as the album’s main song because of its strong soprano melody. You can really feel the explosive emotion of the Sai sai characters in this song.


Along with the advanced streaming release, they have released a music video short version for “Koi no Esper”. The music video pays its respects to anime and variety shows from the 90s by incorporating this theme. CG is used freely to create a psychedelic world of chaos. Agitation wells up within their fanbase as they are forced to wait for the release of the full video.


SILENT SIREN ー “Koi no Esper” MUSIC VIDEO(Short ver.)

There is also an album chain that fans can purchase separately. The main album chain includes a poster with a unique photo poster of the girls performing live (size A2), as well as the opportunity to get a specially designed sticker before anyone else can. Fans who order the chain will receive a postcard which advertises a lottery to take part in the meet and greet service the girls will offer at the end of each performance as part of their live tour in March called “SILENT SIREN LIVE TOUR 2019 “31313” 〜 Sai Sai Kessei 10 Nen Datte yo 〜 supported by Tenkaippin”. (The meet and greet will take place at the performance venue and 10 lucky winners will be chosen per venue.) From here on out, the girls will continue to release new albums, tours and release promotion events.

The album 31313 marks the last “Sai sai day” of the Heisei period of Japan. The album is christened with surprising content, including the birthday of leader Hinanchu (drums) and much more special content about all the band members.


Besides “Koi no Esper”, the album also includes “19 summer note” and “Go Way!” which were released last year, and the theme song for ramen shop “Tenkaippin”, which they always perform at festivals! As well as these recent songs, there is also the song “Letter”, which was offered to the band by Hirosehirose (MC, keyboard) from the band “Friends”, who are close friends with SILENT SIREN Sai Sai members. The song “Mujyuryoku dance”, which is traditionally performed at concerts held at the end of the year, and the song “Attack”, which is a powerful song the band wrote for the Hokutonoken 35th Anniversary Album “Densho”, are also included on the album. There are 8 new songs. Including the bonus tracks, there are a total of 13 songs on the album.