Travel Japan #5: Experiencing Everyday Life in Japan at a Supermarket in Kyoto

25.February.2019 | FEATURES / FOOD / SPOT

After getting to know some Kyoto history I wanted to know more about today’s Kyoto. The enormous and modern terminal of Kyoto Station contrasts with the temples I’m so interested in. The two co-exist in harmony. I could see Kyoto Tower through the glass – it stood tall like it was watching over this ever-changing city. I will change my perspective today and walk the streets like the locals who live here in Kyoto.

My destination is undecided. It’s nice to surrender yourself to the flow of the people once in a while and head towards your goal as in Amidakuji (Ghost Leg lottery). Because I’ve learnt on my trip that you can encounter wonderful things by chance on occasion.

The glass walkway is like a tunnel into the future.

I look at my reflection in the window and see I have become more of an adult.

Stood there I gaze for a long time up at Kyoto Tower. As I stare I think about how the city changes, people change, the days transition, but how there are also things I want to stay the same.

The next place I head to is Aeon Mall, a shopping centre close to Kyoto Station. This is a foreign supermarket to for me, so I get excited. It’s like sifting through a toy box.


An ordinary day for the people living in this country is an extraordinary day for me.

Each and every thing in there is something I’ve never laid eyes on before.


I walk around, forgetting about the passage of time, and get a glimpse into the simple yet happy lifestyle of people.

There’s a conveyor belt sushi restaurant in the mall, something I had been yearning for.

I wonder if my friends would laugh if I told them that the sushi coming round on a conveyor belt is like something out of a Tim Burton movie?

I feel like the protagonist of that film as I eat the sushi that rolls on by.

I visited a general store where everything is sold for ¥100.

I bought a letter set from here and wrote a letter to my precious friend.


To my beloved friend,


Japan is a really wonderful place.

I’m determined to absorb everything I see and experience in the limited time I have here.

I don’t know what I will discover on this trip, what I am heading towards.

It’s hard to describe in words, but I will continue my travels.


Model: Mala Morgan



Aeon Mall Kyoto: A Japan-packed shopping mall 10 minutes on foot from Kyoto Station

Aeon Mall Kyoto is just a 10-minute walk from Kyoto Station. Its shelves are lined with daily necessities, you can dine there, buy souvenirs and more. On Weekends and national holidays there are free shuttles bus that runs every 15 minutes from Kyoto Station’s Hachijoguchi Exit which is very convenient for travellers with heavy luggage.


I really recommend visiting if ever you’re in Kyoto.


Aeon Mall Kyoto

Address: 1 Nishikujō Toriiguchichō, Minami Ward, Kyoto

Business Hours: Different for each store. Please visit the mall’s website below to check opening hours.



KOHYO (Aeon Mall Kyoto – Sakura Building Floor 1F)

KOHYO is a supermarket that sells various Japanese goods. I get my hands on a range of daily necessities and ingredients as I feel with my own skin what it’s like to real live life in Japan.


Business Hours: 9:00-22:00



Kaiten Sushi Uogashi (Aeon Mall Kyoto – Sakura Building Floor 4F)

Kaiten Sushi Uogashi is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant that sells over 20 types of seafood everyday. The ingredients change each day. I reconfirm that I really am in Japan as I tuck into my delicious sushi.


Business Hours: 10:00-22:00 (Last Orders 21:30)



DAISO (Aeon Mall Kyoto – Kaede Building Floor 4F)

DAISO stocks new products every single day. There are ¥100-type stores in every country, but the ones in Japan really are something special! They have so many items that make for perfect souvenirs. It’s an irresistible place for girls who love shopping so I’ve got to tell my friends about it.


Business Hours: 10-00-21:00