Japan’s 100 yen shops to sell 16 varieties of fun message cards, sticky labels and other paper-based stationery!

02.March.2019 | FASHION

On 27th February 2019, major 100 yen shops across Japan launched the sale of 16 new types of sticky labels and message cards with fun and interesting designs!


These new designs were developed to add excitement and cuteness to your desk space. They have interesting shapes and artistic finishes, and their designs are bound to make you giggle. The high-quality designs make them a top-notch purchase.  

Men and Women series

If you’re looking for western-style, loosely surreal illustrations, this is the best you can get! These office-like designs are aimed at a wide range of people from a wide range of generations!

Flowers and Animals series

The flowers and animals series has a spring-like bright theme. The illustrations include hedgehogs, and the popular Netherland Dwarf rabbit. With this series, the fun just doesn’t stop!

Cute animals, hand signs, positive phrases, flowers

The hand sign designs and interesting “flake stickers” (individual stickers sold separately) are perfect for small tasks!

Design Paper (36 sheets) Mini die cut “chocolate” 

When you’re working or studying for a long time and want to add cuteness and excitement to your workspace, this stationery is bound to make you happy!