Anyone Can Become an Instagrammer With Drinks Sold at Harajuku’s Popular ‘cafe no.’

04.March.2019 | FEATURES / FOOD / SPOT

Hi, everybody. Midori here again, editor at MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON.


Have you ever had the experience that despite how cute your food or drink looks you just can’t seem to take a good photo? Or perhaps it’s positioned in the right place but something about the atmosphere or your surroundings makes it tricky to get it right. Maybe the shop or cafe decor wasn’t photo-worthy so you completely gave up.


I heard that at cafe no. in Harajuku anybody can snap easy pictures, and that the drinks sold there are delicious, so I paid a visit!


It’s in the same building at the cheese tea shop FORTUNER tea box.



You will find it right inside a building called flags just opposite BEAMS RECORDS.

Orders are taken by a ticket machine. They have a lot of options in addition to their popular bottled drinks! I went for the bottled chocolate milk.

Lots of bottles are lined up nearly inside the refrigerator. Once you hand your ticket over to the staff they will take your drink out for you.

So cute! I wonder why bottled drinks are this cute?


Time to try it! But before that, I want to try taking a photo in front of the shop. There are lots of great photo spots here.

From the classic ‘holding my drink’ shot…

…to placing it down somewhere to snap a picture!


Bottled drinks are different from cups when taking photos in that even if they’re knocked over you can still steal a great scene.

And take a look at this wall!

Just by simply placing the bottle on the shelf attached to the wall the photo instantly becomes Instagrammable.

It looks cute with the straw inside too. You’re given one at the counter.


The majority of photos of cute sweets are people just holding them in their hands, but at cafe no. you can place your drink anywhere and get an adorable photo, so if you don’t want your hand in it then this is a great place.


The fact that they prepared this many photo spots also means you can take as many as you like until you’re satisfied without worrying about the staff!


My drink itself doesn’t have that distinct ‘heavy’ taste that chocolate drinks do. I was able to drink it down smoothly. I’m interested in trying the other flavours too!


For those who have just started Instagram and aren’t sure on how to get a good photo, or if you want to snap ’til you’re satisfied, then I recommend visiting here!