Transformers Bumblebee Themed Café to Open in Ikebukuro, Tokyo

06.March.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

To celebrate the Japanese release of the 2018 live-action film Bumblebee, set to hit theatres in Japan on March 22, 2019, it has been announced that Cafe Address in Ikebukuro PARCO will transform into a Bumblebee themed café from March 8 to 31.

The café will be littered with everything Bumblebee from the decorations down to the menu.

Bumblebee Energon Cube Citrus Parfait : ¥1,200 (Tax Included) *Limited quantity served per day

Bumblebee Rich Cheese Omurice With Walleye Pollack: ¥1,350 (Tax Included)

Decepticon Purple Lemonade: ¥680 (Tax Included)

Autobot Red Raspberry Soda: ¥680 (Tax Included)


Hidden throughout the café are seven QR codes which when scanned will give you a special voice message from Bumblebee voiced by the the actor of the film’s Japanese dub Ryōhei Kimura.

In addition to the café, a Transformers exhibition is also taking place at the PARCO Museum on the 7th floor of Ikebukuro PARCO’s main building from March 15 to April 1. It will feature vintage Transformers toys from the early days, packaging artwork, piece related to the Bumblebee movie and more.