Let’s take a look at the sweeping success of music producer & model duo unit livetune+!

21.August.2016 | FEATURES / MUSIC

livetune+, the two-member music unit, released their first album “Sweet Clapper” in May this year. They have been garnering a lot of attention, even having written the song “Cheers!” specially for a limited time web-only animated commercial for “Kirin Hyoketsu®” which was seen worldwide. Now, some of you might be confused thinking “Huh? Isn’t livetune a one-member solo unit?” In this article, we’ll be talking about the members of “livetune+”, the two-member unit which consists of kz and Yano Anna, and what they have done up to now and plan to do in the future!

“kz”, a name in the world of VOCALOID
kz is a DJ, remixer and music producer who has been in charge of a lot of music production for artists, including anime and game music for artists such as ClariS and May’n, as well as offering his services to those artists he is close to. livetune is originally the name of his music unit and refers to the time of his musical activities.

And he wouldn’t have been able to make it without his history of music with Hatsune Miku.

His song “Packaged” which used the Hatsune Miku voice bank was released in the early period of Hatsune Miku herself being released. The lyrics, which ride on top of a sparkly and electronic sound, stole the hearts of many viewers on Nico Nico Douga and the video steadily raked in the views.

His album “Re:package” was subsequently released in August 2008 under the name “livetune feat. Hatsune Miku”. This was the first time an album had been released from a major label under Miku’s name.

Another indispensable track is “Tell your world”. Yes, that song which was released in 2011 – the one which featured as the theme song for Google Chrome’s commercial in which Miku circles the globe. The song, which connects and brings together people in the world through the internet, is something only the songstress and diva Hatsune Miku can do. Her voice echoed throughout 217 countries in the world, making history on a huge scale. That record has still not been beaten to this day.

Yano Anna, a model who goes beyond the border of the Aomoji-kei style

On the other hand, Yano Anna who provides vocals for the unit, is popular as a model for natural style magazines such as mer, SEDA and Soup., as well as a more individual style in KERA. She is active in a lot of fields and has even done work in men’s fashion magazines. She released her photobook last year titled “Yano Anna MADE in HARAJUKU VOL.1” where she was snapped by photographer Yasumasa Yonehara. She did not want to have the usual “kawaii” style and instead sought a more “cute and sexy” one. That’s a rare thing to see from an Aomoji-kei model, but you could say that it’s one part of her diverse charm.


³It might not be rare for a magazine model to engage in music along the side, but what makes Yano Anna unique is that from the day one in the entertainment industry she expressed her desire to go into music. When she was scouted during her short-term university enrollment and started her career as a model she continuously expressed how she wanted to have a job relating to music. Then in August 2013, she successfully made her debut as a singer with her song “Shape My Story” which was the theme song for the anime “Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C³”. Perhaps this was a chance she was able to seize due to her extensive knowledge of anime.


Those who were once drinking buddies all of a sudden became music partners!

The person who helped produced “Shape My Story” was kz, who seemed like he was hiding something. The two of them gradually opened up to each other, and in 2014 they appeared together for the album “To”, which was written and produced by livetune.

kz had already said previously that he wanted to perform a live show where he can directly come in contact with the audience, and that in order to do that he wanted to invite on a vocalist. He invited Yano after he had finished work on the album to which she accepted. In October 2015, they began their activity together as livetune+. They are more of a team who are close to each other than simply a producer and singer. From the get-go, Yano was part of the recording of the first album. They were already drinking buddies when they formed the unit, and because of that kz said of the first lyrics he wrote “There’s no girl who tends to dream like this”. The songs on the album are written with kz’s distinct style, with melody lines that make your heart pound and of course a robotic vocal arrangement. But it’s also sweet thanks to Yano’s voice and the girl’s vision who appears in the lyrics becomes that much more powerful. It is somewhat of a different world to that of kz’s previous work as livetune.


livetune+’s activities don’t stop at Japan
It’s been announced that livetune+ will appear at Asia’s biggest anime event “Anime Festival Asia (AFA)” where they will continue on from their previous performance in Thailand. This time, they will perform at “Anime Festival Asia Indonesia” which is being held from Friday September 16th~Sunday September 18th. Many famous voice actresses, anime song artists and cosplayers attend AFA. This is the perfect place for both kz and Yano Anna, who have lived and breathed in Japanese culture and its anime, fashion and music.


Of course, that doesn’t mean you can miss their shows in Japan. They are to perform at “FM802 MINAMI WHEEL 2016” which is to be held across 20 locations around Osaka from Saturday October 8th~Sunday October 10th. kz, who has a lot of experience in the field of club music as a DJ, knows that this will push them forward.


With livetune+ going ahead with new forms they haven’t experienced before, will they be able to make the music scene even more fun? As they continue to move forward with their strong mindset, there is no doubt they are going to let us have even more fun! Be sure to check both of them out as they charge ahead full speed.

Original Text: Kakoi (SHUTTER)


livetune+Official Website: http://livetuneplus.com/

Anime Festival Asia 2016: http://animefestival.asia/